Di Fara Pizza Midwood Brooklyn Great Pizza

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Di Fara Pizza Midwood Brooklyn Great Pizza

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During my travels to Long Island, I always make it a point to go on a pizza excursion with Sam.  This trip brought us into Brooklyn and Lower Manhattan.  Our first stop in Brooklyn was at Di Fara Pizza in the Midwood section.

At first we drove by the place since we were convinced that we were in the wrong section of Brooklyn due to the amount of Kosher places and Hebrew lettering on the street.  After circling back around we found this quaint little place, which does not look very appetizing from the outside.

Upon finally finding a parking spot, we headed up to the restaurant with our mouths watering for what is known as one of the finest pizza places in the country.    To our dismay, when we got to the door there was a sign on it saying the restaurant closes from 5:30pm - 6:30pm.  I checked my watch and it was only 5:15pm, but the doors were still locked.  Talk about bad luck!  But wait!  Things started to look good when a patron was leaving and unlocked the door, which gave the opportunity to sneak in.  After getting into the place, I couldn't tell what was more noticeable.  The incredible smell of the pizza, or the lack of air conditioning on a 90 degree day!  The girl "gina" behind the counter was extremely sweet.  It would appear she is the owner Domenico's daughter.  She gave us the remaining 4 slices of Sicilian she had and told us to eat quick.  Amazingly people were begging for her to have a left over slice so they wouldn't have to wait an hour to re-open.  This place was like being involved in a cult.

My first bite of this pizza was unbelievable.  The crust was like wafer crispy.  It was nice and soft around the edges, and it was melting in my mouth when I took a bite.  The basil is grown fresh and cut with a scissor over the steaming hot pie.  The best part about this slice is when you get near the crust and you can taste where the finest olive oil seeped in.  The sauce is deliciously sweet.

Since Di Fara's was closing for an hour or so, so the pizza master could have a rest, we were not able to try a regular slice.  Gina told us to come back in about 1 1/2 hours.  So Sam and I drove around aimlessly and arrived back an hour later.  We were in awe, that by the time we got back there was a line around the block to get a slice!  When I walked up to the window, Gina recognized me and pulled me to the front of the line to try one of the regular slices.  This went a long way with me and I think Di Fara's is one of the classiest owned places around.  The regular wasn't as superb as the Sicilian, but pretty good just the same.

Di Fara's definitely deserves to be called one of the best in the country, and it is well worth the journey there to try this pizza place in brooklyn if you can.  It is some of the best pizza I have had there.  The oven they use is not a wood burning oven, and yet, it makes incredible pizza.  Just goes to show like I have said in previous articles.  It is the pizza maker and the ingredients, not the expensive ovens.  I give Di Fara Pizza in Midwood Brooklyn, 7 out of 8 slices.

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