Delizia Pizza West Palm Beach, FL

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Delizia Pizza West Palm Beach, FL

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Usually we like to bring some food to the hungry folks at the stations of some on-air stuff we do. Normally we would just stop by Wendy's or Mc Donald's and order off the $0.99 menu. On this evening, I decided I wanted some pizza (what a surprise) and I googled for the closest place, which turned out to be a place I had never even heard of. The place was called Delizia Pizza and it was located to the north of the Forum building in West Palm Beach.

I called up and ordered a plain pie and asked for directions, since I never even knew there was a decrepit shopping center behind these office towers. When we arrived, we unlocked the doors and ran out, to avoid any drive by bullets that might be flying in the area (I am exaggerating obviously, but always wanted to say that). Obviously this was a little rough of an area as far as I am concerned. The place smelled good inside and the foreign owner who I think could be Moroccan (couldn't be sure) told me his pizza is the best New York Pizza around. Well, what do you know....another New York Pizza place not located in New York, and not made by someone from New York. Seriously it says it is #1 rated New York Style Slice. Curious to know who rated them this, outside of the owner.

We got the pie to the station, and started to eat it. Upon opening the box, you can immediately see the overload of flour used on this pie. It is all over the edges, and I felt like I was Tony Montana as I picked up the first slice. Considering the fact this pizza was left in a box during its journey to the television station, I would have to say I was quite impressed with the way the slice held up and maintained its crispiness. This slice would probably hold straight if reheated in a pizza oven, so that was something I liked. The crust didn't really have the best taste to it, and the sauce which was lightly applied on top of it was certainly not the best quality. Too much peel, and aftertaste. The cheese was the best part of this slice, and although they probably aren't using a top quality cheese, it seems to disguise itself well.

I cannot see myself going out of my way to grab a slice here, but considering the lack of competition around this area, I would suggest you guys go and try it anyways. It is much better than a Domino's or Papa John's. They have a great special during the week on Monday and Tuesday. $7.99 large pies! So if you are ordering in, this is probably the place around the area to get the pizza.

Delizia Pizza in West Palm Beach gets 4 out of 8 slices.

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