De Napoli Pizza West Palm Beach on Clematis

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De Napoli Pizza West Palm Beach on Clematis

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. Located on 523 Clematis Street in West Palm (561) 835-8522 De Napoli Pizza was a place I passed dozens of times but never tried.

Although the place was empty, it was difficult for me to get someone to help me at the counter. When help finally arrived I ordered two slices. From the second they came out of the oven I could smell the garlic and seasoning. I mean this pizza wreaked from a distance. Not letting the smell scare me I opened the box that the guy gave me (must have thought I wanted it to go) and was a bit surprised that they stack the pizza here.

As you can see by the photo, they put the slices on top of each other which I would have been appalled at if I had taken it a long distance and opened to find the slices stuck together. De Napoli should rethink this process or they could lose the few customers they already have in my opinion.

So I proceeded to bite into the first slice which was gigantic. No complaints on the size of the slice here. You get what you pay for. Once I got passed the powerful smell of the garlic I took a bite. The slice was not that bad, but for all the smell, it had kind of a bland taste. The second slice seemed like it came from a different pie as you can see from the photo above and didn't seem to taste consistent to the first slice. I understand that every now and then you get slices from different pies, but the ingredients should be the same, and therefore the taste should also be relatively close.

De Napoli pizza says on their website "The locals have been trying to keep us a secret and you will understand why when you taste our famous, authentic Italian creations". Unfortunately it is such a secret that nobody seems to be eating there! I will eat at De Napoli again when I am downtown, since I enjoy the smell of garlic. De Napoli is not a place I am telling my readers to avoid in any way, but with competition from other local places, it is my opinion that they should step up their game and try making their slice a little tastier. All smell and no taste doesn't make for a good slice.

I will give De Napoli Pizza in downtown West Palm Beach 5 out of 8 slices.

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