Dante Pizza Omaha Nebraska Best Pizza Omaha

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Dante Pizza Omaha Nebraska Best Pizza Omaha

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This post comes to us from a reader named Robert out of Omaha, Nebraska. He finally found a good slice in Omaha at Dante Pizzeria, and decided the rest of the world should know about it.

I would let people know that Neapolitan style is not for everyone but it seems like it is a healthier version of pizza. The reason why I tried this pizza place was just to try something new in Omaha. It is possible that the pizzas were undercooked because the cheeses was very white without any color.

MARGHERITA: The sauce was a mild red sauce that had a good taste. I belive they use the special kind of canned tomatoes from Italy. The pizza had large basil leaves on it in several areas. The crust was very good and not doughy and it was cooked well in a wood burning brick oven. The crust had an occasional patch or two of black burnt areas, but I did not feel like it was overcooked. The cheese was fresh mozarella that they stated was not bufala mozarella but the cheese was made daily on premises.

FUNGHI: Similar sauce and cheese. Did not notice the gorgonzola dolce but the menu stated that it was an ingredient. The toppings were large chunks of roasted peppers and garlic and mushrooms that were well cooked as if they were roasted beforehand and tasty.

BIANCO: This is the one that I didn't enjoy as much. The same crust and cheese and basil leaves but it used olive oil in stead of the red sauce. The olives were too overpowering and they were the only thing that could be tasted if they were in a bite. The sausage was mild chunks of italian sausage that was tasty.

GIUSSEPPE: Similar to the other pizzas before in toppings and thought it was also a good pie.

Dante's pizza gets 6 out of 8 slices.

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  • 16939 Wright Plaza Omaha, NE 68130