D’Angelo Pizza Fort Lauderdale or Maybe Pizza D’Angelo

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D’Angelo Pizza Fort Lauderdale or Maybe Pizza D’Angelo

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When D'Angelo Pizza first opened up, my friend Willie suggested we go and try it and see what it was about. We had heard it was the same owner as the renowned Casa D'Angelo which had won plenty of awards and accolades from local reviewers. Guess the owner thought he should jump on the Wood Fired Pizza wagon, and opened up this incredibly chic place on Federal Highway in Fort Lauderdale.

Upon walking into D'Angelo Pizza you cannot help but feel comfortable, but in a trendy kind of way. No expense was spared while decorating the place, and build out. Most of the delicious looking food is out on display as you walk towards your table. You are also able to smell the food you are about to eat, as you walk past their oversized outdoor patio section. Perfect for the two months a year we have pleasant enough weather to eat outdoors.
Our server (adorable and overly sweet) greeted us and we ordered some tapas (which are more like appetizers, since they don't skimp on the portions) and also decided on a couple of pies to order. I of course got the plain one. The manager came over to say hello and ask if everything was ok as soon as our Tapas came out, which was really nice and showed us how attentive the staff was. The manager and server both took pride in this establishment.

The pizza came out within a few minutes and I couldn't wait to dig into this beautiful looking individual thin crust pie. Although the cheese was runny, it was evident it was crazy fresh, and of the highest quality. My first bite revealed exactly what I thought, pure goodness. It wasn't the best wood fired pizza I had eaten, but it was certainly a contender down here. The sauce was lightly applied and very sweet. The crust was extremely tasty but had quite a bit of flour covering up what should have been even more wood taste. The cheese, was applied generously and actually was on the too generous side. This made for a winning combination all around.

If I could change anything about the pizza, I would use a little less cheese (it weighed the pie down), and I would use less flour when making it. Otherwise, staff gets an A+, and I will give D'Angelo Pizza 6 out of 8 slices, and I look forward to going back there soon.

It should be fair to note that valet parking here is free, but is quite a dangerous experience. The parking lot is small and it seems like they will hit cars each time they park. Also if there is a traffic jam by the place, many of the speeding cars on Federal Highway seem like they will hit your car as you slow down to pull in.

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