Da Angelo Pizza Albertson, near Williston Park, Long Island

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Da Angelo Pizza Albertson, near Williston Park, Long Island

Posted By: Mad Greek
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Tonight's pizza tasting tour in New York is brought to you by the Mad Greek and the king of cheese Mozzweiser. This is the first review of the two places I had on this fine evening.  The second one will follow a day or so after this one.

As they say, it had to be done. 2000 calories later and it was done. First stop of this evenings tour was at the former Cugini Due (pronounced Coo-Genie Due-ay) of Williston Park, now Da Angelo Pizza (same family, same family recipe).

I ordered up their classic Neopolitan pizza. It had Fresh zesty tomato sauce, that comes right through a nice crisp crust and fresh cheese. This is what people must mean when they say New York Slice outside the state. It was really good and this regular slice of pizza at Da Angelo gets a solid 6 of 8.

On the same plate, you might notice a corner slice of their NY (I had to call it New York, just to piss Pizza Expert off) style Sicilian. These guys must be from the north. It goes to show why Johnny's of Mt. Vernon does so well. Keep making the same excellent pie over and over. The same should be true of Da Angelo, but the need to please everyone is what this world has become. Da Angelo Sicilian rates a 5 out of 8 slices.

The porcelain plate at Da Angelo was a nice classy touch, as was the table service which once again I know Pizza Expert hates, and complains about over and over again. Sometimes I just like to sit down and be waited on....sorry.

By the way, I also had a Grandma slice at each location since Da Angelo says that they made the Grandma Slice famous on their website. Good thing they came along, since nobody else seems to make a good grandma slice out there and it took them to make it famous. I do not care for the "cheesy statements" sometimes.




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