Colony Grill Pizza Stamford, CT Best Pizza

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Colony Grill Pizza Stamford, CT Best Pizza

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For several years readers have emailed me telling me about this must try pizza dive in Stamford, Connecticut named The Colony Grill. After getting dozens of emails I started to research the place where I learned it was actually a bar on one side, and eatery that served nothing but pizza on the other side. The photos of the pizza at The Colony Grill in Stamford reminded me of a place we used to have in Boca Raton that I loved and frequented often called Euro Pizza, so I couldn't wait to one day make my way to Stamford and check this joint out.

Even some close Twitter friends who know how finicky I am with pizza described The Colony Grill to be some of the best pizza they have had in the country. Knowing how close Stamford is to New Haven, where some of the best pizza places are actually located in Connecticut I really couldn't imagine The Colony Grill being able to compete.

First a little history about the Colony Grill in Stamford. According to their website "In 1935, a post-Prohibition tavern named Colony Grill opened in an Irish neighborhood in Stamford, Connecticut. Since then, the “Colony” has become famous for what is now its only menu offering: a one-of-a-kind, thin-crust pizza that is served simply – with or without our signature hot oil – amid classic American charm."

When the taxi pulled up to this part of Stamford I was thinking about not getting out. It seemed a bit rough of a neighborhood to say the least, but the taxi driver assured us we were in for some delightful pizza, and that we should go check it out. Upon entering the Colony Grill I was amazed it was somewhat empty. From what I read, this dim lit dining area usually is packed with people everyday all throughout the night, with wait times something to be expected. I guess we arrived at such an odd hour since we walked right in and sat without any issues. No complaints here!

The menu at the Colony Grill is pretty simple. Pizza, and ummmm pizza. So it seemed only natural to order some pizza. I got a plain pie which was $9.00, but the rest of my group got almost one of each pizza to check it out, since they are well known for their hot oil pie. Many described this hot oil as the best pizza to get at the Colony Grill or anywhere in the country for that matter, so I was glad they at least did order one to try out.

The pizza didn't take too long to come out and it looked fantastic when placed in front of me. The cheese had these little bubbles in it just like Euro Pizza used to have. The thin crust was just begging me to grab it and take a bite. Even though mine was first to come out and I should have waited like a gentleman to eat, since nobody else had their pizza yet, I didn't care. I grabbed my first slice and tried it and loved it.

The crust was almost paper thin and tasted amazing. I cannot say it was baked to perfection on the bottom, as it was a little undercooked, but it wasn't sloppy. The lite sweet sauce placed on top of the delicious crust was evenly applied and tasted outrageous underneath the fresh cheese they applied. The cheese wasn't put on too heavy so the thin crust managed to keep firm as you lifted it.

Although I didn't try the other pies that were ordered, it was safe to say everyone thought the Hot Oil pie was the best, and would order it again if in these neck of the woods. I will attach the rest of the pizzas that were ordered just to give you an idea of what some of the other varieties looked like at the Colony Grill.

From what I can recall this was my first time in Stamford, and I am not sure I will be rushing back these ways. But if I ever find myself in these neck of the woods, I will certainly go back to the Colony Grill to have this pizza again. It was exactly the kind of pizza I had imagined it would be, and if it was cooked a little bit better, it might have received a perfect pizza score.

The Colony Grill in Stamford, CT gets 7 out of 8 slices. I guess they are doing something right since they now have 3 locations opened throughout Connecticut.

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