Cogan’s Pizza Norfolk, VA Best Pizza Norfolk

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Cogan’s Pizza Norfolk, VA Best Pizza Norfolk

Posted By: Papa Pizza
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Every two weeks five weary businessmen descend on Cogan’s Pizza 1901 Colonial Ave., Norfolk, VA 23517 in the Ghent section of Norfolk VA for what we believe to be the best pizza certainly in Norfolk and perhaps the entire Hampton Roads area.

Cogan 's decor would be best described as eclectic bordering dingy but that is not what we are there for. The waitresses are a friendly down to earth bunch, some are tatted up with full sleeves etcetera some not so much but they are all fast and attentive.

Our tradition is that each participant order 2 toppings each resulting in a 10 topping pie. You might think that such a pie might be too much but that has never been the case. The pie picture is Sun-dried Tomato, Chorizo, Smoked Gouda, Caper, Salami, Bacon, Green Pepper, Sautéed Mushroom, Proscuitto, and pepperoni.

As usual the pizza was fantastic; all the toppings were perfectly proportioned so not to overpower each other. More importantly the core of a great pizza the sauce, cheese, and crust brought it all home. Cogans has perfected the crust, it is crispy on the outside and perfectly airy, slightly chewy on the inside, akin to a great Italian bread. Their sauce is well proportioned and not overpowering with a great tomato taste and a slight tang. The cheese is not oily, tastes like cheese should and the consistency is firm and not too stringy. The slices come apart nicely without sticking together and stripping the topping off the next slice. All in all a great pizza experience. The 33 beers on tap make the experience even better.

Cogan's Pizza gets 7 out of 8 slices

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  • 1901 Colonial Ave Norfolk, VA 23517-1905