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City Pizza West Palm Beach City Place

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in West Palm Beach, and for several reasons, which we will go into later on in the review.  When I went there the other day I wanted so bad to taste the pizza again and unleash a review of pure hatred against them due to previous experiences.  I looked for every reason to find fault in this pizza, even noticing that they have a conveyor belt oven, and sadly enough it tasted too good to bash them.  By saying good, I mean if there was anything wrong with this slice they would have gotten a 0 slice rating.  Now let's look at why I dislike them.

For starters City Pizza located in City Place in West Palm Beach located at: 632 Hibiscus Street, Suite 110
West Palm Beach, Florida 33401 Phone: (561) 833-2323 has terrible parking.  You can only put enough coins in the meter for 15 minutes, and unless you are sitting outside watching, you can spend half your meal going back and forth to the meter, especially with their slow service.

City Pizza doesn't allow you to order your slice and sit down.  As a matter of fact they are so adamant that you get a server to bring you the single slice of pizza that they even have this classy sign displayed for their patrons.

What the sign should really say is "In order to try to extort our customers for more money then they are already spending on this overpriced dough sauce and cheese, City Pizza respectfully requests that you do not eat your pizza in their dining area unless you waited around to order that slice from a waiter or waitress.  City Pizza understands that it is very difficult taking the slice of pizza to the table located directly behind you, after you order the slice at the counter...that would seem too logical.  Therefore we respectfully request that after you keep wasting your money in the meters outside for parking every 15 minutes, and wait about 1/2 hour to have a slice of pie during your lunch break, that you let our staff bring your pizza to you, since they are much more qualified"

Then lets take into account the time I was there with some family in town and we were waiting on the sidewalk to get a seat and the obnoxious fat waitress told us we were in her way and needed to move ourselves so she could get through.  Maybe she should consider a Bally's membership or L.A. Fitness, instead of being rude to us cause her fat ass couldn't make it through.  We ended up not eating there that night.

Then there is the fact that the pizza maker has plumber butt behind the counter...kind of gross.

But today this pizza tasted fantastic.  The crust was super crispy and the slice was a generous size.  The cheese tasted amazing, and the sauce was perfectly rationed.  I will give City Pizza in West Palm Beach 6 out of 8 slices.  They might have gotten more if the pizza always tasted like this, but my previous visits there weren't as good.  I will be back soon!

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