Circle In The Square Pizza Asheville, NC

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Circle In The Square Pizza Asheville, NC

Posted By: Lucky Larry
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Like many other other people on the east coast who love the mountains, I have a 2nd home in Asheville, North Carolina. We don't get up there that often, but when we do I always make it a point to go to my favorite pizza spot. Circle In The Square Pizza has 2 downtown locations. You might be asking yourself, "What do North Carolinaians know about a genuine New York style slice?" Well Pete & Rich from the Bronx know....and after trying their pizza, they know quite well.

The reheated gigantic slice at $2.99 has the perfect 'crunch" that I look for in a great slice. Yes I know, $2.99 for a slice of pizza in Asheville, NC seems expensive, but this slice is ENORMOUS. I do not think there is a chance many patrons could finish their two slice special. The next bite has the amazing combination of a high end mozzarella cheese which is sweet, but not too sweat. It was just right, at least in my opinion

I am in literally in pizza heaven. Every bite of this Circle in the Square pizza is delicious and each bite remains crunchy as I love it. Needless to say, I am one happy pizza camper! The cheese has the right amount of grease to it, and this thin slice was made with the absolute perfect sauce to cheese ratio that I read about on this site often. Their regular pie they serve here is also gigantic so be prepared for leftovers.

The Original Circle in the Square is located on Merrimon Ave, and their second location is on Biltmore Ave. in the heart of downtown.

Circle In The Square Pizza in Asheville, NC gets 7 out of 8 slices.

I didn't give it an 8 because I don't know what "pizza slice utopia' should feel like...I just know I've eaten the best slice in my 58 year old's body pizza history.

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