Cilluffo’s Pizza and Pasta Boca Raton

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Cilluffo’s Pizza and Pasta Boca Raton

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, since I hadn't been to it since it reopened with a dining room, but seeing it was totally empty, I decided to stay away this time.

Cilluffo's is kind of hidden by Howard's Market off 18th street.  6060 SW 18th Street #119 to be exact.  Their number is 561-391-8388.  Cilluffo's is mainly a delivery and take out establishment, but they happen to have about 6 bar stools and a small counter if you decide to eat in.

I ordered a slice with meatballs and anxiously awaited its arrival.  Cilluffo's used to be my place of choice when I lived around the neighborhood.  Their regular is usually real thin, with a great taste.  Never had it with meatballs before, so it was a first for me.  When the slice arrived, I was a bit surprised to see that such an authentic pizza joint would used chopped meatballs and not thinly sliced.  Since the meatballs were piled on top of each other and not spread out, the lower meatballs were not cooked.  Also, due to the heavy consistency of the meatballs, they fell off right when I held up the slice.  Wish I had ordered just a plain slice, since it was hard to have a bite with the toppings on it.

All in all, once I ate the meatballs and then finished the slice, I was still happy overall.  The cheese is spread perfectly even, and the sauce is not piled on excessively.  Cilluffo's can certainly be compared to New York Pizza, and it is a place I will continue to recommend and frequent.  I will give Cilluffo's Pizza in Boca Raton, 6 out of 8 slices.

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    (561) 391-8388

  • 6060 Southwest 18th Street Boca Raton, FL 33433-5648