Chili’s Boca Raton Pizza

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Chili’s Boca Raton Pizza

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Let me make certain you all know before I review this pizza from Chili's Restaurant in Boca Raton, that I am well aware that nobody goes out of their way to have pizza while at Chili's. When I saw it on the kids menu, I asked my son to order it for dinner so that I could also try it. Don't put pizza on the menu, if you don't want anyone to review it.

In my opinion this pizza was pretty awful. It tasted like it came fresh out of a microwave. The pie was thin (best part) but the cheese was totally disproportioned on top of the crust. Part of it was a bit undercooked, while the other part was hardened. There was zero crisp to it. I would say the sauce was better than Duffy's nearby, but I wouldn't get this pizza again. It doesn't seem fair in my opinion to serve this to our children.

By the way, our server John was a phenomenal server. Hope to get him again soon.

Chili's Pizza in their Boca Raton location gets 2 out of 8 slices.
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