ChevyPizzaCrawl 3 Recap

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ChevyPizzaCrawl 3 Recap

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Each time I start planning a #chevypizzacrawl, I have to question if the next event could possibly live up to the previous event. Seems almost impossible to have a better time then the last time.  Once again I exceeded my expectations and couldn't believe the fun that was had this past Saturday, June 26th in Miami.

Before I begin I want to give a huge thanks out to @adiffdesigner @vitalex and @jarret23 for taking these photos and allowing me to use them!

Our first stop was at Andiamo Pizza. The enthusiastic family who runs this converted gas station were more then pleased to have us and immediately started bringing a variety of pies to the table.  Like all pizzacrawls before this one, everyone forgot that they would be eating pizza all day, and started to eat everything in sight, at light speed. By the time I got around to grab a slice, there was already none left.  Luckily Andiamo brought me a nice plain pie to try.  It was extremely good, just wish it didn't have that chunky tomato sauce. Others seemed to love it though.

The second stop brought us to PizzaVolante in the Design District in Miami. I have always been partial to PizzaVolante since the owner Jonathan Eismann is always so hospitable to us during our #pizzatweetup we have held there. The attendees loved the antipasto salad, but the consensus seemed to be that the pizzas were not sturdy enough. The taste of the crust was certainly a crowd pleaser though. You guys can trust the pizza expert here, that it is worth going back to PizzaVolante to give them another try.

From PizzaVolante we hopped into our Chevy cars/trucks and headed over to South Beach to a packed Fratelli la Bufala. Although I wasn't a fan of this pizza the previous times I went there, I still wanted everyone to have the opportunity to try it for themselves and see if they liked the taste. Many did like the taste, but still found it watery like I did. Fratelli gave us calzones, and pizza, and desert was pretty awesome. Even though I cannot say the pizza is anything extraordinary here, I can say without hesitation that the manager Larry and Sadee were PERFECT. And for their amazing attitudes, they have made me an advocate.  I will always recommend this place to others just for the staff alone.

I once again got into a Chevy Truck and headed over to The Big Cheese, not too far from the University of Miami. Usually I try all the places before I put them on a #chevypizzacrawl but this time I asked others for suggestions and the majority suggested I included The Big Cheese, or Casola's. I reached out to both and The Big Cheese seemed like the better place to go to. Every time I called Casola's I was told to talk to the manager Josh, who never seemed to be in when I called anyways. The big cheese, is a nice greasy slice, but way too soggy. If you are looking for a late night slice after an evening of partying, I do not think you can go wrong here.

Many rushed into their chevy's and headed over to Spris in Coral Gables, so they could watch the USA lose to Ghana (booooooooo).  Spris has a nice thin and crisp pizza, that tastes great. I personally like the Spris in Coral Gables much more then the Spris in South Beach. The owner Julio is a gentleman and they made sure we had enough food to fill our already overflowing stomachs. Seems like Spris and Andiamo were the crowd favorites though.

We handed out prizes to our pizza friends at Spris, and luckily enough, everyone won something! Fratelli la Bufala, PizzaVolante and The Big Cheese all gave gift certificates to award to the attendees who spoke highly about them.  Thanks to these pizza places for their generosity and hospitality.

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