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Casola’s Pizza Miami

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Ok, here is where I make some enemies of long time readers who reside in Miami. Casola's Pizza is not that good! Yes I know, that many of you consider this to be the Best Pizza in Miami, and will question all my other reviews and how valid they are now that I have gone against one of your favorite places, but let me show you the photos and explain. I think you might see things my way.

During a previous review from one of our trusted experts, Mike went to Casola's Pizza and had a below average veggie slice. Yes, it was I, who told him he was nuts, that it must have been a bad day, since the last time I went to Casola's, I enjoyed it very much, and considered Casola's Pizza one of the best slices in Miami. Well that was until I had Slice n Ice, which is now closed.

It should be made clear, that I didn't go to Casola's Pizza on this day to find fault in it. I actually was down at a conference and went almost 20 minutes out of my way to hopefully enjoy the pizza there. When I went into the place, I grabbed one of the pint size pieces of their pizza they leave up on the counter for guests to enjoy while waiting for their food. Contrary to my negative demeanor when it comes to pizza, I couldn't wait to get my slice here. That was until it came out. At that point I wish I had gone elsewhere.

Where to start..... First off there was a ridiculous amount of flour on the crust. I mean it was just excessive, and wasn't the finest quality. When I picked the slice up, you would have thought we finally had some snow in Miami. And when I put the slice down, it actually wouldn't lay flat due to some of the flour that fell off piling up into a mini mountain. There is nothing anyone can say to me to justify the amount of flour used. It was gross.

The slice was huge, like it usually is. Casola's Pizza does a nice job of turning a typical 16-18 inch pie into over a 20 inch pie. The problem with stretching out your dough this much, is that if it is undercooked (like this slice was) it becomes nothing more than a wet towel. It was hard to get this slice into my mouth, even after holding with two hands, as the front kept sagging. Ultimately I ripped it off while on the tray. Remember, stretching a pie out is just an illusion, it is still the same size and amount you normally get.

Casola's Pizza is $3,75 a slice, but considering the one slice is about the size of two (due to the stretching) I didn't complain. Also since most of the pizza tasted great, I wouldn't complain. When I mention the taste, I mean the sauce and the cheese, since the crust wasn't too tasty with all the flour. The flimsy slice, also had an abundance of outer crust, making the slice also seem much bigger than it really was.

Casola's, just because you are busy, doesn't mean you should rush out the pies and take your loyal patrons for granted. You are busy because of the quality you used to provide, and that could quickly change if you don't keep up your original ways.

Although I know I shouldn't discuss things unrelated to pizza, but this was just too comical. I asked the girl at the register (who I guess didn't believe in learning proper English) if they have French Fries with Mozz Cheese. I further asked if the fries were homemade or just frozen crappy ones. She told me they were fresh cut and that they could put mozz cheese on them. Well look what they gave me. The fries with cheese were fries with a side of cheese. The guy who handed me told me "we don't bake it on". Nice customer service guys.

Casola's Pizza gets 4 out of 8 slices for this visit. If they didn't have so many things against them, this could easily be one of the best pizza slices in Miami. They have a long way to go.


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