Casa L’italien My Personal Boca Raton Favorite

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Casa L’italien My Personal Boca Raton Favorite

Posted By: Herb
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is my favorite pizza in Boca Raton Florida. If you like ultra thin New York City style pizza this is the place. It's often my default pizza to get for pick up when I have that craving. The slices are thin, like I said, and there's always service with a smile. The slices are so thin you wont feel guilty eating 4 slices, yes 4 slices. I just took 10 kids and 3 adults there the other day as part of my sons 12 year old birthday. The management was great. The kids went wild and everyone just loved it. Not only is the pizza aces for Florida, the onion rings, mozzorella sticks, and french fries are awesome. All the kids said I didn't even know about this place before I took them. Thats easy to understand, being Casa L'Italien is tucked away in a sleepy shopping center off of western Yamato Road. Casa L'Italien guys if you are listeneing, a little advertising would be a great idea!!!

I'm not looking to spoil the place, just make sure you keep this little gem of a place and its delicious pizza around through the rough economy. All-in-all great pizza, good appetizers, nice salad. Go to Casa L'Italien and mangia!!! On a scale of 1 to 8 slices, in Florida where 5 is Good and 6 is Really Good, I give Casa L'Italien a 6. If you are comparing to great New York pizza on a scale of 1 to 8 slices, it's still great at a  5

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