Carini’s Pizza Hallandale Beach

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Carini’s Pizza Hallandale Beach

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While driving back home from North Miami, I decided to take Federal Highway since it was rush hour. Along the path I finally spotted Carini's Pizza. Carini's Pizza in Hallandale Beach is a place I have wanted to try for years, but never make it down to this specific area often enough to try it. I walked in and immediately noticed how humongous these slices were. I ordered one slice, but realized it wasn't the jumbo slice I had seen, that was a separate jumbo pizza, so make sure if you want the big slice, you ask for the right one.

Carini's Pizza is one of those local places that I get emails about almost every couple of weeks. Supposedly, people equate it to Steve's Pizza in Miami. When the slice came out, I was truly hoping it was similar to Steve's Pizza, since that pizza is quite amazing.

Out of the oven, Carini's slice was thin, crisp, and hot. It held up when lifted and you can tell they put a lot of care into their dough. It was like perfectly thin, and if you are a fan of this type of pizza you will love the crust here. If you aren't a fan of an abundance of flour on the bottom of the crust, then you most likely will not like the crust here. The taste of the crust was pretty darn good as well.

The sauce at Carini's while at first was good, it left a rather disappointing vinegary aftertaste in my opinion. It also was very acidic. So if you are prone to heartburn, I couldn't insist you try this slice. When first biting into the slice the sauce is actually quite tasty, so maybe I just had an "off" pie that day. The cheese tasted pretty good but I would have liked to see a little bit more applied onto the slice. Next time I go to Carini's Pizza in Hallandale Beach, I am going to get the jumbo slice and see how it holds up.

Carnini's Pizza in Hallandale Beach gets 5 out of 8 slices.

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