Cafe Gia Pizza Medford, Long Island

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Cafe Gia Pizza Medford, Long Island

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Medford is a town in Long Island that I really never spent much time in. I probably couldn't point it out on the map, even after growing up about 30-40 minutes away. When my friend Richie asked if I wanted to try some new pizza places out those ways, I agreed and we made a stop to try Cafe Gia Pizza, which is a very popular pizzeria in Medford.

Cafe Gia Pizza was a pretty sizeable place. When you first walk in you are greeted with a huge glass display of the pizzas they have available for slices. You order and move down towards the cashier, pay, and wait for your pizza to come out. Yes, Cafe Gia unlike the idiotic pizza places down here, allows you to carry your slice and pick out your own booth, without the interference of a server.

I ordered up a regular slice and a Sicilian slice. Both looked delicious behind the glass. The slices were $2.50 a slice with tax, which is still lower than many of the places around Boca Raton. A few minutes later the girl behind the counter handed me my slices and I sat down. My first impression of these slices was decent enough. Both looked extremely edible, but I definitely think the regular slice looked more presentable than the Sicilian one. They both smelled great, and both were nice and hot.

The first slice I ate was the Sicilian, which was cooked right and had a nice amount of cheese smothered over a somewhat biter tasting sauce. The slice itself had a nice weight to it, and the crust was well textured with some craters. In my opinion, this Sicilian slice tasted a bit bland though. The cheese was just average, and the sauce a little bitter as I said before. It had a little bit of an aftertaste to it. The crust tasted very good, and certainly added to the overall taste of the pizza.

The regular slice was also cooked properly and was crispy. The oregano was a bit much, but the sauce and cheese tasted really good in some spots and totally different in another. I do not think the pizza maker turned the pizza properly in the oven, or perhaps they ran out of sauce and used some fresh sauce on half the pizza. The same could go for the cheese. Even though the slice was inconsistent I really didn't hate it. In my opinion it was a pretty decent slice and one I would get again.

Cafe Gia in Medford gets 5 out of 8 slices.

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