Buzz103 Morning Buzz Offers Cheesy Pizza Advice

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Buzz103 Morning Buzz Offers Cheesy Pizza Advice

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i_see_dumb_people_o_o_by_cool_slayerSo last week Herb points out to me that the Morning Buzz on Buzz 103.1 is having a morning discussion about pizza. After receiving dozens of emails from our readers, I finally decide to turn on the station and listen to see what it going on. Low and behold they are talking about pizza like they or their listeners know anything about it.

Many of our readers told me they emailed the station to inform them of this site and find out why the Pizza Experts wouldn't be included in their discussions. I decided to call myself and find out why they wouldn't include the experts. After finally getting through to someone after 1/2 hour of busy signals, I spoke to Randi and Smitty. I explained to them that our readers were upset that we weren't asked for our opinions and Smitty proceeded to tell me to email them the url and he would get back to us. Never heard back.

Today I decided to give a listen and see what was going on during the Morning Buzz on 103.1, and they were still talking about pizza. They kept mentioning that they are bringing in outside judges for their contests. Judges who know CRAP about pizza. The Pizza Experts live in their backyard, and yet they choose not to seek the advice and input from them. WorstPizza has double the traffic as the entire Buzz103 website. That is right, more people come here to find out about pizza then go to a radio station that is on 24 hours a day to learn about it. According to alexa, which ranks websites for their daily traffic, as of January 19th WorstPizza was ranked the 208,907 most visited website in the world, while buzz103 is the 294,003 most visited site. Obviously in this case, the lower your ranking the better. I have a feeling their next ranking will be even worse, while WorstPizza continues to grow. In the United States WorstPizza is ranked the 45,354 most visited site, while buzz103 is ranked 112,925. Yet the MorningBuzz thinks they and their listeners who call in, know more about pizza then us? Leave the pizza discussions to the Pizza Experts Loper, Randi, and Smitty!

We were quite excited to help the Morning Buzz actually. Located in Palm Beach County, many of the Pizza Experts would probably have already visited the places they were discussing and could have provided Expert input. We could have even done a segment with them to allow a pizza place to call in and find out how to make their pizza better after we tasted it. I guess Morning Buzz103 has too many other irrelevant things to do like having no name, non expert judges, for their frozen cold pizza contests.

If you are a radio station and would like to actually have a pizza discussion, with a bit of relevance and expertise involved, feel free to email us In the mean time my radio dial will have to skip 103.1

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