Buccan Pizza Palm Beach Island, FL

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Buccan Pizza Palm Beach Island, FL

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Just like any chic area, Palm Beach Island is not immune to hotspots. Many places open, and are hot for a couple of seasons before faltering at the hands of the picky patrons who usually live in their mansions for about 2 weeks a year. Since many of the residents are just short term stayers, it is hard for a place to make it year round. A new place that has opened up on Palm Beach Island recently named Buccan seems to defy this methodology so far. The place has been packed since opening, and has maintained the crowds waiting to eat there as of my visit. Remember this is off season and the place is jammed.

Went with a few friends the other night, and was pleased to see they offer pizza on the menu. At first glance Buccan in Palm Beach appears as a voguish eatery with certain hint of haughtiness. It kind of reminded me of a place where the middle class who want to appear as high class would go to try to keep up with the Jonses (or in this case, the actual Rockefeller's, Carnegies and Welch's). You will also find plenty of gold diggers hanging around with their enormous amount of plastic surgery, hoping to latch onto a billionaire. I could continue on with this, but I am sure you all just want to know if the pizza was any good.

When the pizza came out, I found it somewhat appealing to the eye. Buccan in Palm Beach serves their flatbread pizza on a wood slide, giving you the feeling it was taken out of the oven on the very wood device they served in front of you. I am not one to enjoy chunky sauce, and Bucaan's sauce is crazy chunky. There are pieces of half tomatoes on the pie. After about 10 minutes of picking off the pieces of the sauce I didn't want, I finally managed to bite in.

The crust was delicious and crackled in my mouth through about 4 grindings of my teeth. The sauce, once mainly taken off, tasted great. They use some amazing ingredients in their sauce recipe, but I just wish they would smooth it out a little, instead of almost using ice cream scoopers to put it on. The cheese, as you can see in the photo was fresh mozz, and applied liberally on top of the other fine ingredients.

Listen, I am not going to go out of my way to deal with the crowds there, and valet parking, and dressing up etc, but if I am invited to Buccan again in the future, I would 100% get this pizza again. The service was exceptional, the establishment had plenty of eye candy, and it wasn't absurdly priced. Do yourselves a favor and check this restaurant out if you are on the island.

Buccan in Palm Beach gets 6 out of 8 slices for their pizza.

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