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Boca Pizza and Sandwiches Boca Raton

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boca_pizza.jpgboca_subs.jpgYet another disappointment...Went back to Boca Pizza the other day, and ordered a slice.  From my previous review of this place, you probably know that I found the pizza to be pretty damn good.  It had a different taste to it then any other pie I have found locally.  This turned many off, but I found the uniqueness in it, and enjoyed it.  The slice I had today was quite awful!

Previously, I have been able to look past the gross decor, and the lack of cleanliness, due to the fact that all the college girls like to walk from the beach in their bikinis and get food.  So my focus wasn't on the floor, the tables and the counter until this nighttime visit.  I have also previously been able to get past the abnormally small slice, and the outrageously high prices for them, since once again, the slices had a pretty distinct taste.  But after the slice I had this evening, I will most likely not be going back to Boca Pizza anytime soon. The crust tasted stale, and tasted more like flour then actual dough.  The slice was a bit overcooked, and didn't taste good at all.  Their were bubbles in almost every bite, and the cheese wasn't even melted perfectly, compared to how well done the bottom was. My suggestion to the owner would be to toss away slices that have been exposed to the elements for more then 7 hours.  There is only a certain point where your cheapness will work for your profit margin.  Eventually people will come in there (which I was the only person eating there, mind you) taste the stale slice and not come back.  So maybe you saved yourself a couple of dimes, but you lost yourself dollars by the customer not coming back to spend their money.  Honestly, I hate to see it happen, but I doubt this place will be able to remain in business at its current pace.

Boca Pizza and Subs, Deli or Sandwiches (they have like 3 different signs) gets 3 out of 8 slices.

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