Big City Pizza Boca Raton – Stays Consistent

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Big City Pizza Boca Raton – Stays Consistent

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Unlike Rotelli's Pizza and Sal's Pizza in Boca Raton, my second visit to Big City Pizza was just as good as my first.  This was a pleasant surprise, since all of my previous follow up visits to places were let downs.

Big City Pizza actually even noticed me taking photos of the pizza and commented "oh!  we have a spy amongst us" and I explained who I was and that I actually enjoyed their Sicilian pizza.  I explained that there was nothing special about their regular slice.  Usually a restaurant pays extra attention to me when they realize what site I am from, but these guys just went about their business and ignored me, which I really respected!  It is nice to know that I found a place I could just walk into and get a decent slice that I can carry myself to the table, located within a couple of miles from my office.

I am going to give Big CIty Pizza 5 out of 8 slices, and I will frequent this place more often then any of the other places around the Yamato Road corridor.  Big City Pizza, it would be great if you could get fountain beverages!

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