Best Pizza in a Supper Club: Mecca Supper Club Chicago

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Best Pizza in a Supper Club: Mecca Supper Club Chicago

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shrinkmecca.jpgLast night, I had pizza at the Mecca Supper Club in Edison Park, Chicago. The Mecca is a cozy bar/restaurant that is known for its karaoke nights as well as its loyal group of patrons. The Mecca has a number of home-cooked, hearty dinner entrees, but the pizza seems to be just as popular as the dinner meals. In fact…the pizza is definitely more popular during late-night, after-karaoke hours.

Mecca pizza tastes like a traditional pizza, but they make a few variations that make it slightly different from your usual slice. There is more of an emphasis on spices, and you taste in the sausage and atop the layer of cheese. They also bring out Romano cheese (or possibly Parmesan), but not in the dusty crumbles we usually find in pizza shakers, but like the shredded mozzarella you find at the grocery store. You sprinkle some on top, and you notice the positive addition of flavor! The cheese and sauce taste pleasant, but it’s the fresh toppings and spices that bring out the flavor. The pizza is also very affordable (a 9-inch costs about $8, and a 15-inch costs around $14).

The pizza is a good pizza, but it’s the atmosphere that makes Mecca pretty special. It is very much seen as neighborhood pub but is welcoming to all types of visitors, of all types of ages. I would like to point out that it seems as if the Mecca is continuing to make some additions to their design (with new plasma screen TVs and a few more booths). Check out for more information or visit 6666 N. Northwest Highway in Northwest Chicago.

Mecca Supper Club gets 6 out of 8 slices.

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