Bambini’s Pizza Delray Beach

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Bambini’s Pizza Delray Beach

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In Delray Beach there is a market simply called "The Boys". If you could put up with shopping carts being pushed into your car, and people randomly backing out of their spots without looking, this is a great spot for you. The food is fairly priced and usually fresh. On many occasions I looked to the South of The Boys and realized there is also a place called "The Girls" and "Grammas Bakery". I wanted to try them both but when I pulled into the shopping center, I also realized there is a place called Bambini's Garden Pizzeria.

Obviously I didn't make it into the other places and instead decided to try the pizza out here. We walked in and I ordered one regular and one Sicilian. After paying we went to find seats, only to realize that Bambini's Pizzeria is connect to The Girls.





The Girls looks to be a great place to take the kids to get ice cream or craft cola. Once we looked around a bit we headed back to try the pizza that was waiting for us on the counter. I bit into the Sicilian slice first. I wasn't sure how I felt so I bit in again and was surprised at how nice the slice tasted. The crust, although somewhat bland and a bit overcooked tasted adequate. The sauce wasn't too sweet, but the cheese was my favorite part. It was a good tasting blend and they certainly didn't cut costs by putting on a chintzy amount.

If I could change anything about the slice, I would like the sauce to be a little sweeter and the crust to not be so crispy and bland.


The regular slice was thin and crispy and reminded me of a slice I might find in Long Island or New York. The slice contained a bit too much sauce for my liking but the crust actually tasted better on this one than on the Sicilian slice I had first. One of the most noticeable positive qualities of this regular slice was how it held up. You could easily fold this slice in half and it wouldn't droop down.


When I return to Bambini's Pizza in Delray Beach, I will most likely stick to the regular slice over the Sicilian. They have a decent lunch special for $5.90 which consists of 2 slices and a soda, so it just seems more cost effective.

Bambini's Garden Pizzeria in Delray Beach gets 6 out of 8 slices.

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