Bambina’s Pizza South Beach Miami

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Bambina’s Pizza South Beach Miami

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img_0495img_0494After having a terrible experience at my hotel, I wandered out in South Beach, hoping to be close enough to get Gino's Pizza again.  My previous experiences there have been good.  On the way I passed by Bambina's Pizza on Washington Avenue.

Although Bambina's Pizza was empty, the smell caught my attention and I liked that they had a big counter area for me to go and sit while I had my slice.  Imagine that, once again a place that actually allows me to eat the pizza without having to have a server bring it to me.  When the slice was taken out of the oven, it was sizzling hot.  After letting it cool down, I was very impressed with the crispyness of the crust and how it held together when I lifted it from the plate.

This pizza was actually pretty good.  I still think I like Gino's down the block a bit more, but the staff here was nice.  Even the crazy guy yelling at the news person on the TV that "nobody cares if the world is coming to an end", was a bit amusing and added to the experience here.  The cheese they used was a great tasting one, and I would guess it is Grande, and the sauce was a perfect blend.  Sweet and with the proper amount evenly spread.  I watched the guy making a pie and was quite impressed with the time and effort he took to make sure the sauce was put on properly.

I was in a rush or I would have gotten a second slice!  I will give Bambina's Pizza in South Beach, Miami 5 out of 8 slices.  If they keep consistent on my next visit I might raise them to a 6.

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