Augy’s Pizza Boca Raton Has Original Owners Back

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Augy’s Pizza Boca Raton Has Original Owners Back

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augyspizza.jpgJust heard from a credible source that Augy's Pizza in Boca Raton, has the original owners back.  About three years ago, the family that ran Augy's (they also own the plaza) sold the restaurant to a family out of Long Island.  Well I guess business started to go downhill, and the original family repurchased the store and are trying to turn it around and bring it back to its original glory.

We will go and check out Augy's and see if it tastes any different now that the original family is back.  Their sicilian style pizza is what I liked best there.  The regular always just seemed average.  Their lunch buffet wasn't such a great bargain if you consider what you pay for the mean (I think $6.95 or something) + Soda.  Their usually isn't enough of the pizza I want when I walk up to the unguarded counter.  When I say unguarded, that is in reference to sneeze guards.  So anyone can just walk up and grab a slice from the counter.....YUCK

Stay tuned for a review

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