Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza Plantation, FL

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Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza Plantation, FL

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A client of mine took me to lunch at Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza in Plantation the other day since I naturally insisted on pizza when the topic of food came up. I am touch and go when it comes to Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza since I feel that every place they open a new location, it just further dilutes the original experience I had eating at the first one that opened in Fort Lauderdale.

But since it was the only pizza my client could think of nearby that he liked, I was more than happy to go and try out another one of their locations. I think I have tried each and every one in South Florida by now, and even one in Long Island, so when it comes to taste, I know what I am looking for with them.

This Plantation locations of Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza was in a nice looking shopping plaza. We found a spot and walked inside, and I was quite impressed with how busy they were during lunch. I was further impressed when I looked at the menu and saw they were smart enough to offer out lunch size pizzas, instead of forcing people to get full pies like other establishments.

I ordered a plain one and within about 5-6 minutes my lunch was on my table. If I was a person who worked 9-5 with an hour lunch, I would probably frequent Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza just for that reason alone. Usually waiters and waitresses just get in the way when it comes to pizza, but I didn't mind it in this environment.

My pizza came out well done (which they famously say on their walls) and looked great. When I took my first bite I was more impressed with this pizza than I was at the original Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza that opened up near the Ft. Lauderdale airport. The olive oil Anthony's sprinkled on top was delightful, and it tasted fantastic after seeping into the cheese and outer crust. The sauce was sweet and pretty smooth. The crust was delicious. Although a part of me hates to say this.... this pizza was excellent.

Out of all the Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza places I have been to, this lunch pizza in their Plantation location was the best I have tasted.

Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza in Plantation gets 7 out of 8 slices.

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