Annie’s Pizza Boca Raton Sells! Under New Ownership

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Annie’s Pizza Boca Raton Sells! Under New Ownership

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Just discovered that Annie's Pizza behind FAU sold last week! I am actually a bit upset that the owners didn't tell me, when I questioned them about the prospective buyer hanging around.

I spotted a guy eating there and hanging around for the course of a month, and asked the previous owners if they knew him since I thought I recognized him from other pizza places (seems like I was wrong about that).  She told me "nah, he just likes the food here and eats here a lot." Well I guess it was some big secret that they were selling, since they chose to hide it from me.

We went there today to taste the pizza and see if anything has changed.  So far so good, the pizza tasted just like it did when the prior owner used to make it.  Was a bit upset that they did not have any Sicilian pizza, but after speaking with the new owner over the phone, he assured me they will have Sicilian on their menu, and were making it today.

The new owner told me he and his partner cased out the place for a month and a half, and ultimately decided to pull the trigger and purchase the out of the way location, after a local realtor notified them Annie's was for sale.  Originally from Brooklyn, the new owner had a pizza place in North Carolina that he owned and operated for 10 years before taking some time off and relocating to Florida.

They intend on leaving the Annie's menu as is, and will make no changes to the decor inside.  They are even keeping the original staff outside the Annie's family members who seem to have disappeared.  The new owners told me "they can safely tell everyone that everything will stay the same and to come to try it out.  The hours will stay the same, 8-5 monday through thursday and 8-8 on Friday."

With 25 years of pizza making experience, let's hope the new owners can keep up the peculiar business that Annie's did.  Annie's is in a very odd spot, and is extremely hard to find, yet it is usually always busy during lunch.  The local businesses that are located near them either love the food, or just love the convenience.

Go give them a try, and support the new local owners.  We will go back in a couple of weeks to review their pizza, once they settle in.

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