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Amato’s Pizza Boca Raton

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amatos.jpgMany places seem to fear the reviews they will get from us after we eat there. Usually this is due to their poor quality, or lack of knowledge making pizza. Amato's on the other hand took the proactive approach and invited the Pizza Experts in to try their pizza and review it. This says a lot about their confidence.

Previously the location that currently houses Amato's Pizza, was home to several other failed pizza places. One of which, we had tremendous problems with, and for one of the first times, we were actually happy to see the place close down. Like I always say.....serve crap, get crappy reviews. It is quite simple actually. Serve good pizza, get good reviews. Everyone understand?

After receiving our emailed invitation to come in and put their pizza to the test, my son and I decided to go the other night and see if they made the right choice with their invitation.

Amato's Pizza was quite busy the Tuesday evening we went there. Considering the time we went, it showed a lot of promise for their chance at longevity. Actually, we later found out that Amato's is even open until 2am on the weekends. My dreams of a 24 hour pizza place in Boca Raton, are halfway coming to reality.

I ordered a Sicilian slice and my son got a slice with Pineapple and Ham on it (yuck). The prices of the slice were a bit much, considering what the surrounding competition charges, but I guess they will learn to lower their $2.75 price, through supply and demand. I grabbed a can of Cherry Coke (no fountains at this place......boooo) and sat down to eat this nice looking slice. My first bite was really good. The crust was nice and crisp on the bottom and as my teeth met its cratered texture I realized these guys "the Amato's" put time and effort into their end pizza product. The inside crust was airy and almost bread like. The sauce was sweet and for the most part as smooth as I like it. The cheese stood out the most out of this slice. My initial reaction was Grande, and as I looked up at the menu, they actually state that they use Grande cheese! Nice choice.

amatos_pizza.jpghawaiianpizza.jpgThe regular slice was impressive as well. The cheese tasted as good as the Sicilian slice, and the crust was just as crisp. Didn't care for the taste of the crust though on this slice. Amato's you are using way too much flour on your pizza. For the price you are charging a slice, you might consider a higher quality flour while we are at it. If the flour tastes bland (like yours did) and you apply it excessively (which you did) it will make the entire slice taste bland as well. I am sure you don't put this much flour on every pie you serve, and it was probably an anomaly, but it is something you should take into consideration when making future pizzas. In my opinion this regular slice could have been a contender without all that flour. You can probably even see the flour on the crust from my photo above.  Hopefully my son will get around the reviewing the "hawaiian slice" one of these days.

Most Memorable Things at Amato's

  • The taste of the cheese
  • The slices were cooked perfectly
  • The crust on the Sicilian

Least Memorable Things at Amato's

  • Canned soda only (I like bottled, or fountain)
  • Price of a slice $2.75
  • Too much flour

Amato''s Pizza gets 5 out of 8 slices, and we will definitely go back again

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  • 205 SE 1st Ave. Boca Raton, Fl 33432