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All Star Pizza Deerfield Beach

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img_0699My wife suggested a pizza place she passed by the other day while driving through Deerfield Beach.  When I finally found the shopping center a couple of days later, I assumed she meant All Star Pizza. All Star Pizza is located on 1315 S. Military Trail in Deerfield Beach, Fl 954.481.3455.

Upon walking into this establishment, I wasn't too impressed with the decor.  After waiting a couple of minutes at the counter, someone came and asked me "yes", now I am not sure if this meant something like "what would you like today", or even "what can I get you".  So just taking a guess that Yes meant one of these, I asked for a slice.

After paying I asked if I could have a receipt (you know all these pizza tastings add up come tax time) and he looked at me like I was some sort of idiot.  Like by me asking for a simple receipt, ruined his day.  Oh no!  What is he supposed to do, actually take out a pad and manually have to write 1 slice $.... ?  If this is the Yes guy that works there with the bald head, sorry to have troubled you this day by making you do something extra.  Excellent customer service buddy!

Eventually he left to go do something else that must have been very hard, like maybe moving a can of soda from the counter to the trash, or maybe figuring out how to use the phone.  When the slice came out a more energetic guy gave me it and actually smiled, which was very unique for this place.  If the pizza sucked, I would have enjoyed continuing on the things I disliked about this place, but the pizza was actually pretty good.  It was nothing amazing that would make me travel out of my way to go there, but if I was in the area, compared to the other places located around it, this place would be my place of choice.

All Star Pizza has bubbles in their pizza, which I do not care for.  The guy making the pizza seemed to actually care about the pies and ingredients he was using on them, so I am a bit shocked he didn't open the oven to pop the bubbles.  The crust had a nice taste and was crispy.  The cheese was adequate and the sauce was put on perfectly and evenly!

All Star Pizza gets 5 out 8 slices.  Hopefully during my next visit I will not ask for a recipt and things should go better.

Also guys, spend a few hundred bucks and redo your website, it looks terrible!

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  • 1315 S Military Trail Deerfield Beach, FL 33442