Aegean Pizza Restaurant Holbrook, NY

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Aegean Pizza Restaurant Holbrook, NY

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My sister took me to a place that seems to be a winner in a lot of lists of The Best Pizza in Long Island in the Sun Vet Mall out in Holbrook, Long Island. The place is called Aegean Pizza, and it is clear to see that they are in a good part of this otherwise completely dead mall. It was with anticipation that we walked into Aegean Pizza, since I not only received dozens of emails asking me to try this place, but I love to see if the other local Long Island publications could be wrong about another place being the best pizza, like they were about Colosseo's in Port Jefferson Station.

Personally, I got one Sicilian slice and one regular slice, as well as a dozen garlic knots, which turned into about 7 after 5 of them fell off the flimsy paper plate that the guy behind the counter handed me with 12 oily, and heavy knots on top. One of these days I will start writing on, but as of now I don't have the time needed. My sister and her kids each got different kinds of slices which I will display below, even though I didn't try them, just so you have a visual of the other kinds of pizza choices they have at Aegean Pizza in Holbrook.

My first bite was into the Sicilian slice, which was crispy on bottom, mildly soft in the middle, and cooked right by the edges. The cheese was the best tasting part of this pizza. The sauce really didn't posses much of a taste to it, which isn't a bad thing, since I would rather a bland tasting sauce, instead of a terrible tasting sauce.

The regular slice very doughy with lots of flour on the bottom. It possessed a nice taste to it, but it fell apart as soon as I lifted it up to my mouth. Since this wasn't a fresh pie out of the oven, I cannot say I was thrilled with this slice overall. This slice was reheated and should have held up a lot better than it did.

They use a dough docker to prevent over rising or blistering, that is what causes these holes by the edges of the crust, this shows they care, although many pizza makers choose not to use this. Some pizza makers see this as an easy way to make a pie.  I can see why people enjoy Aegean Pizza in Holbrook, but I couldn't possibly say this was one of the best pizza slices in Long Island I have tasted.

Aegean Pizza in Holbrook gets 5 out of 8 slices

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