Abeetza Pizza – My New Favorite Pizza in Long Island (From Mad Greek)

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Abeetza Pizza – My New Favorite Pizza in Long Island (From Mad Greek)

Posted By: Mad Greek
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Editors Note: We usually never allow reviewers to give out a perfect slice rating, until they have covered dozens of pizza places for us. After speaking with Mad Greek, he managed to convince me that this pizza deserved the 8 out of 8 slice ranking he gave them. I haven't tried this pizza yet, so I am still not forming an opinion until I try it myself, at which point this rating might change :-)

Mad Greek here. Congratulations to Joseph DeLorenzo and his staff for making Abeetza Pizza in Greenvale the number one parlor pizzeria on Long Island in my opinion.

So there is no mistake, Abeetza Pizza in Greenvale may be a traditional New York parlor type pizzeria by their size and location, it nevertheless has separated itself from the pack by, among other things, preparing every day, on premise, fresh eclectic and traditional assortments of pizza and other fine italian specialties and salads. The fare at Abeetza Pizza in Greenvale, NY is nothing short of the scale of top notch epicurian style and taste that one would beg of an Iron Chef and any fine italian eatery. Come to think of it, Mr. Eataly himself, Mario Batali, could pick up a pointer or two by checking out Abeetza's offerings. Just as Lady Ga-Ga. Her name says it all. And she does, going Ga-Ga twice a week for Abeetza Pizza as she jet sets in and out of Teterboro with nearly half of Abeetza's food on their menu, pizza included.

 As for Abeetza's pizza, it starts with Fresh made whole milk mozzarella twisted every day on premise along with deep kettle cauldrons of several styled traditional and non-traditional sauces for all dishes.


Today's almost year end review is on a troika of the Ala Vodka Grandma pizza, the classic Margherita and the old school thin crust Marinara.

 8-8-8 across the board. Its just that simple. Perfection comes by way of love and attitude and Joe isn't short on either. He brings life to the love of pizza and his staff is equally enthusiastic to please you with their excellent service and pride of craftsmanship.

 The Ala Vodka Grandma slice is like nothing you will ever have anywhere that I can recall and I encourage all who think they know anything about pizza to ride over to Greenvale, N.Y., shop for a few fine goodies at Grace's Marketplace across the street and dine at Abeetza for a pure and delightful "love of food" total experience. You'll feel like a kid in a candy store in both places.

Even though there's two months left in the year, I've seen, heard and tasted enough to come to this conclusion. From the deep fried calzone (my favorite with fresh ricotta and prosciutto di parma) to their take home specialties and pizzas, Abeetza ranks as #1 in the Mad Greek's book for Best Pizzeria on Long Island. It is fair to mention that the Pizza Expert has never eaten here, and I thank him for allowing me to give a perfect slice ranking to Abeetza...finally. Just because it is my favorite, doesn't mean it will be his, and I encourage everyone to at least try it once before commenting that I do not know what I am talking about.

Congratulations again to Joe DeLorenzo and everyone at Abeetza for making pizza so much fun.

Abeetza in Greenvale gets 8 out of 8 slices

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