101 Ocean Pizza Lauderdale by the Sea

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101 Ocean Pizza Lauderdale by the Sea

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It was Christmas day and we were bored so we took a ride south on A1A. There weren't many places open to eat at, so when we got near A1A and Commercial Blvd. we stopped to eat since there was some action. I originally wanted to eat at a place across the street from 101 Ocean, but my wife thought that 101 Ocean looked nicer and pushed me to eat there instead.

101 Ocean in Lauderdale by the Sea was a pretty decent looking place. There was a nice looking bar to the right, which was packed with locals and French Canadians. We sat down and got greeted by a server who seemed sweet, but not really interested in discussing the menu with us.

101 Ocean had pizza on their menu so I figured I should give it a try and see if it was any good. I told the server I wanted a plain pie, with very very little sauce. She took the menus and disappeared until our food eventually came out. When the pizza arrived on the table I was disgusted by what I saw. Lots of crust, with some tasty looking cheese, and a rather gross amount of tomatoes on top. After I asked her what this mess was, she explained to me that this was the sauce they had here, and that this was considered a light amount.

The waitress never told me that their sauce isn't typical pizza sauce. It was as if 101 Ocean took a couple of tomatoes and had the chef slapped his hands together with them and let them fall onto this pizza. In my opinion, this was utterly gross and unappetizing. They shouldn't even remotely call this sauce on their menu, it is just chucks...not sauce. In my personal opinion, they should mention this on the menu. Something along the lines of "we have dough cheese and some uncut pieces of tomatoes that disguise themselves as sauce."

The crust was tasty, much tastier than I expected. The cheese was fresh and tasted good, but the sauce was awful. For $12.95 I personally wouldn't get it again.

101 Ocean gets 3 out of 8 slices

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