Manhattan Joe’s Pizza Boca Raton – Second Try

7 / 8



Many times I eat at a pizza place and although the slice tasted decent, it didn’t stand out in my mind. But since I am not a hardhead, I tend to listen to others when they recommend good pizza to me. There was a pizza place several buddies recommended to me on the Boca Raton/Delray Beach border in the Polo Shops called Manhattan Joe’s. I had eaten at Manhattan Joe’s Pizza when it first opened and I wasn’t blown away. You can read the review here.  I decided to try their pizza again since the people telling me were so passionate about it. (Yes you Jay & Adam)

This is one of the times I can admit I was wrong about a pizzeria. Although I cannot be sure that they listened to my previous advice, something seemed changed and I was quite happy that I gave Manhattan Joe’s a second try. This pizza was extremely good this time around.

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