Giuseppe’s Pizza Fellsmere, FL



I have some family that lives up in Indian River County. For a long time, he kept telling me about the delicious garlic knots located at a place called Giuseppe’s Pizza in Fellsmere, Florida. We passed by a few times but they weren’t open on the days we went. For those of you who are wondering where Fellsmere, FL even is, it is just to the west of 95, North of Vero Beach, and West of Sebastian. There really isn’t much going on in this town, in my opinion, so it is likely you never will have to visit there.

Giuseppe’s Pizza was open the other day as we passed it, and we went inside to get a few pies to feed the family and I had high hopes since I was told by others in Sebastian that this is some of the best pizza in the area.  After ordering the pies, we snacked on an appetizer of Garlic Bread with cheese, which wasn’t that good in my opinion, so I started to lose faith in the place.


La Piazzetta Pizza Plainview, NY


While growing up in Plainview/Syosset, my go to place was located near my house. It went through several name changes over the years. Luigi’s, Sal’s, Tony D’s and probably a couple of others I cannot recall. Each one was great and Tony D’s had extraordinary Garlic Knots. Rumor has it Tony might have relocated to Florida and opened a place, but I have yet to find him.

My son went up to a wrestling school in Syosset and during his break I drove by the old neighborhood and noticed that the shopping center had changed and there was a new pizzeria located there. We pulled in immediately so I could try it out.


Gran Forno Pronto Pizza Fort Lauderdale, FL


A few weeks back my wife and I decided to get out of Boca Raton and explore Fort Lauderdale a bit. Little did she know that our exploration was really a way for me to go and eat at a pizzeria that a fellow foodie told me about and I had tried once before but forgot to take notes. So after driving through some neighborhoods and saying “look how cute that house is”, we ended up miraculously at Gran Forno Pronto Pizza on Las Olas in Fort Lauderdale.

Gran Forno Pronto has a lot more than just pizza. There is a menu that consists of salads and panini sandwiches  as well as some antipasti. We will only focus on the pizza for the sake of this review. We sat outside, which was a mega mistake since it was just so crazy hot out. A rather pleasant server came out and took our order. I naturally ordered the plain pizza, and my wife ordered one of the salads that Gran Forno Pronto offers.


Barone’s Pizza & Restaurant Carpentersville, IL


Throughout the Chicago suburbs you will find numerous places with the name Barone’s Pizza. We chose to eat at the Carpentersville location, but I am honestly not sure if this may or may not be part of a small local chain. There are no indication(s) online or elsewhere the joints are connected, and we forgot to ask.

This particular location, in the far Northwestern suburb of Carpentersville, is located in a small strip mall, set well back from the nearby main drag (Illinois 25), and you’re not likely to see it if you’re not looking for it, or unless you’re a regular. There are two sides to the business, a full boisterous bar with seating and service on the right, and a calmed down version, vinyl-table clothed restaurant on the left.