Delvecchio’s Pizza BB&T Center Sunrise, FL

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Delvecchio’s Pizza BB&T Center Sunrise, FL

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Well I had the official pizza of the Florida Panthers the other day while watching the Panthers lose to the Jets the other day at The BB&T center the other day. At least I think it is still called The BB&T Center still, since it seems to change every few months to something else. Apparently the name of the arena is not the only thing that changes regularly. The pizza also changed recently, from Papa John's (I think) to Giovanni's Pizza, and now to Delvecchio's Pizza.

Delvecchio's Pizza has a few other locations throughout South Florida, including Weston, and Davie. I have been to their Weston location, but wasn't overly impressed by the pizza I ate there. Not that there was anything specifically wrong with it, it was just that there are many other places that I felt served better pies. One thing I knew, is that I disliked Giovanni's Pizza and Papa John's, so I was quite confident that this Delvecchio's Pizza would taste better.

I ordered a plain pie, which was immediately delivered to me by the cashier. I grabbed a few napkins and my soda, and went back into Club Red to eat my pizza. I know, you are wondering why I would go into the general population to eat, when Club Red serves free food, and plenty of it. The problem was I saw pizza while walking by the food court area, and I just had to try it out to see if it was any good.

Delvecchio's Pizza, wasn't that bad in this arena setting. This individual plain pie possessed a nice taste, and was cooked properly. The cheese tasted much better than that of its predecessors that once had the amazing title of being the Official Pizza of The Florida Panthers. The sauce was tasty and smooth and didn't have much along the lines of chunks. The crust wasn't very tasty, and was quite bready if anything.

Not that you are given a huge variety of choices at Florida Panthers games when it comes to pizza, but I guess if you are forced to eat what they have in some monopolistic manner, this Delvecchio's Pizza wasn't half bad.

On their website Delvecchio's makes a statement that they were voted the best pizza in South Florida, but do not give any links or reference, so I am not certain this is actually verified.

Delvecchio's Pizza in the BB&T Center gets 4 out of 8 slices.

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2 Responses to “Delvecchio’s Pizza BB&T Center Sunrise, FL”

  • DelVecchio's Pizza wrote:
    17 Jun 2013 at 1:24 pm

    We’re sorry your experience with DelVecchio’s Pizza at the BB&T Center did not live up to what you have come to expect from our brand. We use the same New York style dough, homemade pizza sauce and Grande cheese at the arena as we do in our stores seven days a week. Because of the large number of pizza orders we make at the arena as compared with the stores, the pizza is cooked differently so that we can serve our customers faster. At our stores, the pizza is cooked for 12 minutes in a Baker’s Pride Deck Oven. At the arena, we have to use conveyor ovens, at double the temperature, for two minutes. The ingredients, especially the dough, react differently. However, You are totally correct the DelVecchios “stadium or Arena “ pizza is still great compared to the previous brands.

  • klair wrote:
    02 Apr 2014 at 3:25 pm

    I agree. For years Delvecchio’s was the only pizza in town for my family. We were thrilled when we bought box seats at BB&T and found that we could cater our group with our favorite pizza. We paid a mint for sub standard pizza! very, very, disappointing and embarrassing too, as we bragged about how tasty it was to our friends who had never been to Delvecchio’s before.