Food Network Casting for Food Network Star Down in South Florida

Attention South Florida!

Food Network’s hugely successful culinary reality serie is currently casting for season 9 and would like to inform you that they are holding an open casting call in Miami on October 25th!

Essentially, they are looking for those with a captivating personality who believe they’re at the top of the culinary game and want to inspire a Food Network audience through their passion for food and cooking! Pass this along and reach out to any chef or culinary professional who might be interested in becoming the host of his or her own cooking show!

Please find the details of our event below:

Miami Open Casting Call

Date: October 25th

Time: 10am- 2pm

Location: The Epic Hotel

270 Biscayne Boulevard Way, Miami, FL 33131

If you have any questions or require further information, please feel free to contact them or visit the show at

Pizza Pizza Bayside Miami

After going to the Vampire Circus under the tent on the south side of Bayside in Miami, we all decided it was time to grab something to eat. It seemed logical enough to go Bayside and see if there was something we could all agree on. One person didn’t want Hooters, another didn’t want Bubba Gump, and eventually we made it down towards the east side of the plaza and saw Pizza Pizza located next to some gelato place.

Pizza Pizza didn’t have any seats inside but they did possess a couple of empty tables outside, so we all went in and placed our individual orders.


Damiano Italian Restaurant Boca Raton Pizza

Well it didn’t take long for Assaggio Del Forno to close, maybe a couple months to be somewhat precise. After my first terrible experience there, I was certain they didn’t have what it would take to last in their location. The clientele that lives nearby is way to finicky for even the slightest mistake. I did go back and try the pizza, and thought it was decent, but a place with that high rent and buildout could never survive on pizza alone.

Damiano Italian Restaurant quickly put up coming soon signs as soon as Assaggio Del Forno closed. Either the previous owner sold it, or made some sort of deal with the new owner John Williams who also recently was behind Frank and Dino’s in Deerfield Beach. The weird thing is I also heard Dennis Max who owned Assaggio Del Forno was also an owner of that restaurant. Did Damiano just change its name and pretend like it was a new restaurant? According to the press that circled Frank and Dino’s when it opened, John Williams was a Partner with the Max Group. Are they no longer partners? Anyways let’s get to the pizza.


American Pie Pizza Hallandale, FL Gulfstream Park

A lot of hype was generated when the Gulfstream Racetrack remodeled itself and added outdoor shopping and gambling inside. Although it took us a while, my family and I finally found time to go and see if it was a fun place to put in our rotation on boring weekends.

Whoever did the redesign did a great job on the outside village area There are many outdoor shops and restaurants including Brio and Yard House. Needless to say if you are hungry you can easily find a place everyone agrees upon. Since I noticed a place called America Pie Pizzeria, we chose to get pizza. I have noticed since I have eaten there that they changed their name to American Pie Brick Oven Pizza now, probably to hop on the brick oven craze.