Nicky G’s Pizza St. James NY

5 / 8

About a month or so ago I was at a street fair in St. James, Long Island. I had heard about a pizza place nearby called Nicky G’s, but never had the opportunity to try it. Nicky G’s is somewhat unique when it comes to pizza since their crust is made out of garlic knots. Yup, you heard me right. Their hopefully tasty pizza comes equipped with garlic knots built in. (not garlic rolls Suzanne).

Although Nicky G’s Pizza in St. James was jamming, because of all the attendees at the street fair, I didn’t let that stop me from grabbing a slice. Although the staff was extremely busy, I gotta say….they made me feel like I was the only one there when it came time to pay. The lady behind the cash register didn’t let the stress get to her at all, and she could be a stellar example for those pizza employees who get all flustered when you ask them a question while they ring you up.

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