Nicky G’s Pizza St. James NY

About a month or so ago I was at a street fair in St. James, Long Island. I had heard about a pizza place nearby called Nicky G’s, but never had the opportunity to try it. Nicky G’s is somewhat unique when it comes to pizza since their crust is made out of garlic knots. Yup, you heard me right. Their hopefully tasty pizza comes equipped with garlic knots built in. (not garlic rolls Suzanne).

Although Nicky G’s Pizza in St. James was jamming, because of all the attendees at the street fair, I didn’t let that stop me from grabbing a slice. Although the staff was extremely busy, I gotta say….they made me feel like I was the only one there when it came time to pay. The lady behind the cash register didn’t let the stress get to her at all, and she could be a stellar example for those pizza employees who get all flustered when you ask them a question while they ring you up.


Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza Plantation, FL

A client of mine took me to lunch at Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza in Plantation the other day since I naturally insisted on pizza when the topic of food came up. I am touch and go when it comes to Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza since I feel that every place they open a new location, it just further dilutes the original experience I had eating at the first one that opened in Fort Lauderdale.

But since it was the only pizza my client could think of nearby that he liked, I was more than happy to go and try out another one of their locations. I think I have tried each and every one in South Florida by now, and even one in Long Island, so when it comes to taste, I know what I am looking for with them.


Papa John’s Pizza Florida Atlantic University Boca Raton, FL

After all these years I finally went for a walk through Florida Atlantic University FAU with my son to show him  around a bit. I never realized how big the campus was, nor did I know they had a food court on premise. Once we reached the food court, my son, like usual, decided he was hungry. We wandered around a little bit to see what there was to eat and ultimately decided upon Papa John’s Pizza, just to grab something quick.

Can’t exactly say the foreigner behind the counter was friendly, actually I found him a bit arrogant. We ordered two slices and a soda (they had a special) and thought we would have to wait a bit. This wasn’t the case, the pizza was served to us luke warm.


Sal’s Pizzeria Ronkonkoma, NY

On my way back from a pizza excursion in Long Island, we stopped at Sal’s Pizzeria on the way to Islip Airport. Sal’s Pizza was never a place I really wanted to try before, since I never really loved the look of the shopping center. Seems like a little strip mall plaza that you would buy paneling and plumbing supplies in, and then in the corner is this pizzeria.I believe this is actually Ronkonkoma and not Islip but that is something I will have to look up before I complete the review.  *** Yup it is Ronkonkoma *****

Since we were in a rush to get me back to the airport to get to beautiful sunny Florida, we decided it was our best bet on this dreary overcast and drizzling day.