Pupatella Neopolitan Pizzeria and Friggitoria

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Pupatella Neopolitan Pizzeria and Friggitoria

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On the recommendations of a friend and a few best pizza lists, My wife and  I checked out Pupatella in Arlington, VA.  Just outside DC, this authentic VPN (Verace Pizza Napoleta) and DOC certified casual restaurant has been said to pop out some of the best pies in town!  With humble beginnings as a pizza cart at a nearby metro station, Pupatella had made a lot of fans before its doors even opened in mid 2010.  

Going in I wasn’t sure what a Friggitoria was, but I now assume it’s because this food is "friggin" amazing.  This oak wood fired pizzeria has an oven made from the ashes of Mt Vesuvius.  At 1000 degrees, five pies at a time are cooked for one minute each until they reach a perfect char on each pliable delicious crust.  Ingredients are first rate with their heirloom San Marzano tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella imported from Naples.  I must admit that I almost didn’t even have enough space to order some pies after filling my stomach with their amazing Arancini from their Friggitoria menu.   These fried risotto balls are stuffed with sausage or eggplant and absolutely blew away the “supply y telephono” risotto balls I’ve had at other great restaurants in the area.  Nonetheless, I had to try the pies and ordered a red and a white.

These 12 inch pizzas had the best crusts I’ve found in DC.  They were perfectly charred yet bendable without spilling.   The DOC and VPN certified Margherita pizza had delicious tomatoes and cheese and was topped with basil.  Unlike other top area pizzerias, the basil seemed to be cooked onto the pie rather than added after it came out of the oven which took a tiny bit of kick from it.  This is the only thing that keeps me from putting this in the same class with the areas 4 best Neopolitan pie sauces,  Seventh Hill, 2 Amys, Pizza CS, and Mia’s.  It was darned close though!  The incredible crust, however, was better than any of these places.  The white Spinach pizza was covered in an Italian cream, pine nuts, feta, and red pepper.  It was fresh and tasty but not quite as good as the tomato sauce based pie in my opinion. 

Pupatella is a casual dining experience.  Each diner grabs their own utensils, picks their own table, orders at a counter, drinks from a bottled soda, beer, or wine, and clears their own table.    No reservations are accepted so expect a wait if you come during peak hours.  Believe me though, it’s worth the wait!

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  • 5104 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA 22205

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4 Responses to “Pupatella Neopolitan Pizzeria and Friggitoria”

  • Matts Pizza wrote:
    10 Jan 2012 at 8:02 am

    Looks yummy!

  • zaza wrote:
    14 Jan 2012 at 8:06 pm

    I wish I lived closer to Arlington,Va!!! I’m getting homesick just by looking at the picture of the  Margherita Pizza!:(
    I’m Italian and moved to the Hampton Roads area 5 years ago and I still haven’t been able to find a pizzeria where they make real pizza napoletana,just like back home. Margherita with Buffalo Mozzarella is the best!!!
    As for the basil, i personally like the extra kick it gives to the pizza when it’s cooked with it and most pizzaioli in Italy usually put the basil onto the pizza prior to putting it  in the oven.
    In Italy “Friggitoria” is a place where they sell fried foods like fried Pizza or  fried Calzone (Pizza Fritta/Calzone Fritto), bite-size rice croquettes (Arancini di Riso), potato croquettes(Panzarotti) and more.

  • BrianG wrote:
    15 Jan 2012 at 9:47 am

    Zaza, Can you recommend any other great friggitoria’s in the DC area? 

  • zaza wrote:
    27 Jan 2012 at 11:15 am

    Sorry BrianG, I don’t live near DC. I’ve been there a few times though and I had a pretty good wood fired pizza.It was a pizzeria called “Pizzeria Paradiso” in Dupont Circle. I got the Margherita with Fresh Buffalo Mozzarella(I always get Margherita when trying Italian style pizza) and I would definitely go back there again.