Buddy’s Pizza Detroit, MI


Buddy’s Pizza in Detroit has been ranked as one of the top pizza places in the country, even Worstpizza included it once in its top ten. During my last visit to Detroit I decided to check out a different Buddy’s Pizza location and see if it still ranked high up there.

Buddy’s Pizza serves what is known as Detroit Style Pizza. You can learn exactly what that means here. But in case you are too lazy to click through I will summarize it by saying it is in between a regular slice and a Sicilian slice. The crust of a Detroit-style pizza is different because in addition to sometimes being baked two times, it is usually cooked in a well-oiled pan to a chewy medium-well-done state that gives the bottom and edges of the crust a crunchy texture.


El Tamarindo Coal Fired Pizza Hallandale Beach, FL


Recently, while attending the Boca Raton Wine and Food Festival, I had the pleasure of tasting some of the samplings that El Tamarindo Coal Fired Pizza was offering. The food tasted delicious, but the manager Mike’s attitude made the food taste even better. After speaking to him for a while, it became obvious that he puts his heart and soul into the food they create. I couldn’t help but notice him in a dance competition later on in the night, this is a guy who knows how to market, and knows how to make people want to come try his restaurant.

El Tamarindo has a few locations now in South Florida. There is one in Deerfield Beach now as well. They took over the spot that used to be Ruby’s Pizza on 10th street. My wife and I happened to be in Hallandale Beach and we decided to try El Tamarindo Coal Fired Pizza. I want to thank my friend Staci G for trying to get me to eat at El Tamarindo for years. She always said it was one of her favorites, and I was hopeful it would become one of mine too.


Giotto Pizza Miami Beach, FL

After meeting with some potential clients the other day we decided to take a walk around the block to try out Giotto Maestro della Pizza on West Avenue. My new friends at the office we were in said it was some of the best pizza around, so I couldn’t wait to try it out. The other day when we were in this section of Miami Beach, we walked by it but didn’t eat there. I wanted to badly, but my host wanted to go to Oliver’s a few doors down. Now was my chance!

Giotto Pizza or Giotto Maestro della Pizza (that isn’t the best name for google search since most will just search Giotto) has a few tables outside and about a dozen inside. It isn’t the biggest of places but it was cozy enough to pass by as quaint. We were greeted by a couple of Italian guys behind the counter and began to look at the menu.


Napoli Pizza Boynton Beach, FL

Across from Santaluces High School  is a new pizza place that replaced Dom and Louie’s named Napoli Pizza. Since my son was wrestling at a tournament across the street, I took a walk and decided to try some of the pizza here. Dom and Louie’s actually wasn’t a bad slice so I was sad to hear they couldn’t make it in this location. It had all the makings of a winning place. Booths when you walked in, a counter where you ordered from, and you could actually dine here without the nuisance or slowdown of a server.

Immediately upon entering Napoli Pizza it became evident that the layout had changed. Although they still had some booths against the west wall, there were now tables with chairs in the center and a big long un-needed bar along the east wall. Guess what? Yup…. now there was a server who asked me to sit down in order to get my 1, yes 1 slice of pizza. ARRRRRGH