Joe’s Brooklyn Pizza Henrietta, NY

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Joe’s Brooklyn Pizza Henrietta, NY

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The first stop when I arrived in Rochester, during my previous trip was at Joe's Brooklyn Pizza. Joe's Brooklyn Pizza is located in a suburb of Rochester known as Henrietta. I actually almost forgot about this place, until I was looking through my notes, so my apologies for writing about it out of order. After getting a chance to speak with The Rochester Pizza Guy during our car ride in the frigid rain to Joe's Brooklyn Pizza, I learned that Rochester actually has a nice group of pizza lovers, and pizza places to satisfy their cravings. He didn't pick Joe's Brooklyn Pizza because it was the best, he picked it cause he thought it was a nice place to start, outside the city, since we probably wouldn't get out these ways during the remainder of my trip.

We pulled into a strip mall that you would pretty much find anywhere in America nowadays. Joe's Brooklyn Pizza just looked like a normal pizza place, which upon entering, I was happy to see didn't have servers, like many of the idiotic places down where I live. We made our way to the counter and checked out some of the slices they had available. Joe's had a nice variety and I would have liked to try the grandma pizza, but discovered they put shallots on that slice, so I just went for the regular slice. Normally I would try the Sicilian, but they didn't have any slices of it, anyways I needed to pace myself for a Rochester Pizza marathon.

Joe's Brooklyn Pizza wasn't extremely crowded when we got there, but it appears to be a place that many of the Henrietta locals go for take out. When the slice came out, the guy behind the counter actually brought it to our table, which was nice of him. I lifted my extremely hot slice up, and went in for my first taste of Rochester Pizza. The slice at Joe's Brooklyn Pizza tasted quite bland. It wasn't like there was anything specifically wrong with it, it just wasn't as tasty as I would have liked. It could probably be due to the excessive coating of flour on the bottom of the slice, which although made for a stiff feel, kinda dulled the taste. Otherwise the crust was cooked pretty accurately. The cheese tasted like your run of the mill average pizza cheese, not the best, but not the worst. The sauce had some weird type of kick to it. Some type of herb concoction I suppose, and I wasn't totally crazy about it. Safe to say the sauce was my least favorite aspect of this slice.

In my opinion, the best pie I had in Rochester was at Tony D's, and the best slice I had was at The Pizza Stop.

Joe's Brooklyn Pizza in Henrietta, NY just outside Rochester gets 4 out of 8 slices.

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One Response to “Joe’s Brooklyn Pizza Henrietta, NY”

  • BellJarr wrote:
    12 Dec 2011 at 7:31 pm





    I went back and re-read your review of The Pizza Stop. I
    also re-read the contentious exchange between you and The
    Pizza Stop owner Jim Staffieri, in regards to the issue of ‘flour; being
    present on the underside of your pizza slice. In your review of ‘Joes Brooklyn
    Pizza’, you made a similar reference and it dawned on me, if the Rochester NY
    Pizza Guy did not mention it, Joe Staffieri is the owner/operator of ‘Joes
    Brooklyn Pizza’ and is the brother of The Pizza Stop owner Jim Staffieri.


    The assertion I am about to make may shed
    ‘light to a murky issue’ in regards to flour being present on the underside of
    your pizza slices.

    I know form watching both pizzeria’s make
    their pizza that they use wooden pizza boards for their round pizza’s and
    aluminum pans for their deep dish Sicilian pizza. So how could flour be present
    on the underside of both a deep-dish slice from The Pizza Stop and from a
    tradition slice of pizza from ‘Joe’s Brooklyn Pizza’. Unlike many other
    pizzeria’s in the Greater Rochester area, both establishments use flour on
    their pizza boards rather than corn meal which is the preferred method for a
    majority of pizzerias that offer brick oven pizza in the Rochester, NY area.


    Neither establishment uses flour when
    baking a pizza in an aluminum pan…BUT…I have watched both establishment take
    slices for ‘re-heat’ and place them on the wooden boards (that could very
    easily have some flour and/or flour residue) on them, so when slices are slide
    off the wooden boards into the oven, there could indeed be some unwanted flour
    present on the underside of the slices, which would explain you discovering
    flour on the underside of both a tradition pizza slice and a pan baked pizza
    slice, that came from two different pizzeria’s, that not ironically are owned and
    operated from brothers who came up the ranks with nearly identical training
    from their roots in Brooklyn. Things that make you go…Hhmmmmmmm…..