Social Media Club Palm Beach County Spark – Sponsored by WorstPizza

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Posted By: Pizza Expert on April 29th, 2011
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It isn’t very often that we find an event worthy enough to sponsor and attach our names to. This is obviously one of the first times we are even publicizing our sponsorships of events, since we usually like to lay low and just help out when we can. Social Media Club of Palm Beach County is having a Spark event in West Palm Beach May 7th, and Worstpizza is one of the lead sponsors of the event.

I know is read around the world, and it seems ridiculous to mention a local West Palm Beach Florida event, but I just wanted to use this opportunity to show other bloggers that it isn’t enough to just be out there on the web, you also have to support your local causes and communities. That is precisely what I am doing. Details of the event can be found here Our favorite Suzanne Boyd of CBS12 will be one of the speakers. She is adorable and should not be missed.

Hope to see you all there.




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