New #pizzatweetup Posted for September 27th, at The Sicilian Oven in Coral Springs

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New #pizzatweetup Posted for September 27th, at The Sicilian Oven in Coral Springs

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in their new Coral Springs location.

For those of you who haven't been fortunate enough to join us for one of these pizza events, you will have a blast if you make it in as a yes before the event fills up.  There will be FREE pizza for all attendees, all night long. The management of The Sicilian Oven will also be running $1.00 off beer and wine throughout the evening. We will also get some other of their amazing food to enjoy.

In order to come to this event you will have to RSVP on the PizzaTweetup website, using your Twitter account. If you do not see your name load immediately, please wait as it sometimes takes 5 minutes for names to appear in the yes column. We are limited to only 50 people at this event, so make sure you check to see if you RSVP'd yes and we already have 50.  Your name will not appear.

I have also previously had some bad experiences with some attendees who think they can control the web and the ability to use photos from our own events. Because of their lame feeling of self righteousness we have decided to enact a new policy. If you come to the event and you take photos to post around the web, we will be using some of them in our recaps and newsletters with permission even though this is a private event and shouldn't have to. We will always try to cite and link back when we use these photos, but we will not be forced to link them to some random site you decide. You do not dictate to us where we will link. This only should apply to one or two people who have been complete bungholes about the photo process, and I am sorry it ruins it for everyone. We never requested to those unsocial individuals that they always link back to when they post their photos, and it shouldn't be specified to us that we do the same.

Hope to see you all there! Oh, by the way we will also have some awesome raffle prizes to give away throughout the night!

  • make an
    (954) 340-3001

  • 10040 W. Sample Road Coral Springs, FL 33065

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3 Responses to “New #pizzatweetup Posted for September 27th, at The Sicilian Oven in Coral Springs”

  • Anonymous wrote:
    20 Sep 2010 at 6:02 pm

    The photo thing is retarded – it’s a private event and you’re getting free pizza, if you take photos and post them on the web don’t bitch about them being reproduced on WorstPizza. There should be something on letting people know that if they click yes, they agree to certain things, like not being a douche bag.

  • Anonymous wrote:
    20 Sep 2010 at 10:50 pm

    OMG! I waited to be on the list, and then I wake up to this wonderful glowing post that there’s a pizza tweetup next Monday, except everyone was awake at like 5am this morning to rsvp meanwhile I was sleeping, dreaming about unicorns leading me to a castle where the hobbits awaited my arrival.

    I mean seriously! You guys are like all too fast for me, and no I don’t wanna hear, “You snooze, you lose” becuase that just doesn’t count. So there. I was really looking forward to wearing that name tag too. hmmmm, next time I’ll be ready!

    And oh yeah! What’s with the whole picture taking thing? Who in the heck is doing that?

  • Ellie M wrote:
    22 Sep 2010 at 12:41 pm

    This will be my first time participating in a pizzatweetup. Looking forward to it!