Winner Winner Pizza Dinner – #chevypizzacrawl Winners Are

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Winner Winner Pizza Dinner – #chevypizzacrawl Winners Are

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Thanks to everyone who entered to win a seat in the June 26th #chevypizzacrawl.  We are expecting to have one of the best crawls that we have had to date.  Expect many surprises and raffles for some pretty amazing prizes. Winners must send me a direct message on Twitter telling me their shirt sizes by today.  If you do not confirm that you are able to come by 6:00pm today, I will have to give your seat to another person on the waiting list. We will be enjoying a day of pizza at: Andiamo The Big Cheese Pizza Volante Spris - Coral Gables Fratelli La Bufala Here are the winners! 1. @vicequeenmaria 2. @beagarcia 3. @andyvitale 4. @prdivarach 5.@jarret23 6. @ctiedje 7. @amyvitale 8. @mikelamonica 9. @cancerlost 10. @sflsocialgeeks 11. @grandgraphics 12. @subeehonee 13. @adiffdesigner 14. @iamjeffcohen 15. @melEmel 16. @davidlitsky 17. @msurabbott 18. @eubankse 19. @andresdavid 20. @ulisesorozco

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2 Responses to “Winner Winner Pizza Dinner – #chevypizzacrawl Winners Are”

  • ctiedje wrote:
    23 Jun 2010 at 5:06 pm

    w00t! Feel like I won the lottery! Well, not quite, but still nice…
    Looking forward to seeing everyone on Saturday.

  • ulisesorozco wrote:
    24 Jun 2010 at 2:59 pm

    Im crazy excited! My man! Its gonna be the best one yet! lol