Best Frozen Pizza is Pizza Olympiad From Trader Joe’s

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Best Frozen Pizza is Pizza Olympiad From Trader Joe’s

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Trader Joes, that marvel of a grocer that I have written about before, has come up with another winner with their Pizza Olympiad, two small frozen pies in a box, 15 oz total. with Kalamata olives, feta and mozzarella.

The crust and toppings on this sucker are divine, and it bakes up swell, reminiscent of a pie straight from a brick oven, with the toppings having the appearance, taste and texture of very fresh. One note of caution, however, that after the prescribed amount of time in the oven, the feta was still chilly, the chemical composition of feta apparently makes it “freeze harder” than mozzarella. (This is apparent in my pic).

No big deal. A few seconds under the broiler fixed that, but I wouldn’t suggest leaving the pie in the oven for longer than the specs, lest the (wonderful) crust become overbaked.

On WorstPizza’s scale of 1 to 8 slices, I rarely give a “7″, let alone would I think i would ever consider a frozen pie in this neighborhood of goodness, but a 7 it is. I am sure I will get slack for this, but it was just that good for a frozen pie.

P.S. On the 2nd pie, I “cheated” and added prosciutto. OMG!

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