NYPD Pizza in Maitland, FL

2 / 8

Several years ago, the original NYPD Pizza was located on Orange Ave in Downtown Orlando. This NYPD had awesome pizza, easily the best in Orlando. Not only was it really good, but they were also pretty authentic when it came to actually serving a product that closely resembled New York Style pizza. Lou Pearlman had some sort of connection to the store so on occasion you would see local celebrities from the various boy-bands that he managed in the restaurant which was always interesting.

Eventually, NYPD started opening up more stores and the original location closed. I had not eaten in any of the new stores since the original restaurant closed, so when I saw that a new NYPD Pizza had opened along 17-92 in Maitland, I was excited to give them a try.

Soon enough, the pizza was served. What a disappointment compared to what NYPD Pizza used to be. I know I may be a bit overly critical of pizza, this was just sad…

The sauce had a really strong oregano taste. Normally I don’t mind oregano, but this was overpowering, and there was a whole lot of sauce. So much so that the cheese slid around on the surface of the sauce pond, inevitably coming off of the slice. This cheese also was completely tasteless. Somehow it was there, but yet had no recognizable taste. Was it low-sodium mozzarella? I’m not exactly sure, but what’s the point if the cheese doesn’t taste like cheese? The crust was okay, but it had no real redeeming factors to make up for the sauce and cheese. A good New York Style pizza is sometimes so nice looking that I would consider it a culinary work of art. This slice is no art:

How does a restaurant that I once held in such high regard fall so far? Was it the expansion of NYPD into a good size chain with locations in several states? Since the store was pretty new, maybe they didn’t get into their pizza making groove yet or perhaps I just caught NYPD on a really bad day. I hope so, but it didn’t leave a good first impression as my reintroduction to NYPD pizza…

2 out of 8 Slices