Frozen Dairy Bar and Boardwalk Pizza Falls Church

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Frozen Dairy Bar and Boardwalk Pizza Falls Church

Posted By: dcpizzaqueen
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img015img017I’d eaten at Frozen Dairy Bar and Boardwalk Pizza once before, but since I have a new purpose when I eat pizza (not that I needed one!), I thought I’d head back.  Frozen Dairy Bar and Boardwalk Pizza is located on 6641 Arlington Boulevard, Falls Church, VA. It’s in the corner of a shopping center on Rt. 50, and it’s designed after the many beach boardwalk pizza places up and down the coast. Bright colors. Neon signs. Bit of a 50's diner feel.

My husband and I went in the night after a snowstorm, so business was slow, and the staff was using the opportunity to rearrange some things in the store. From what I could tell the improvements were going to make the place more user friendly. The young man taking our order was friendly and helpful, and even with the rearranging the atmosphere was pleasant. The walls were covered in photos of famous boardwalks. I ordered two slices of reasonably priced cheese pizza ($2.50 per slice) and sat down to wait.

I should preface my comments by saying I’m partial to NY style pizza, and I consider the true measure of any pizza to be a slice of plain cheese. Nothing fancy, just the basics: crust, cheese, sauce. Do those well, and it’s pretty hard to screw up the rest. As for Boardwalk Pizza, I’ll start by saying the slices were obviously reheated. Not uncommon, and not necessarily the end of the world. Actually, the first bite was quite good. And the second.

Overall, the slice had good consistency. It was greasy, but not too much so, and it had good foldability (yes, I’m making up words). If I can’t fold a slice in half, length wise to eat it, now, that’s the end of the world! The cheese was good quality (part-skim mozzarella, I’m fairly certain) and balanced well with the sauce. I like a relatively thin, even layer of mild tomato sauce that complements the cheese. Check.

As with any good NY style crust, it was not bready, just short of chewy and had a nice crisp on the very bottom. There was one bubble, but I don’t really mind that. Always thought they made things more interesting. So far so good, that is until I got to the outer edge at which point everything fell apart. I think had this not been a reheated slice my next comment would be very different. The outer crust had the taste and texture of stale melba toast. You know, those crackers you find on the salad bar?

Anyway, I would have rated this pizza better if not for the outer crust, and I’m tempted to order a whole pie to see what it’s like fresh. The 2 slices I had were good, so I’d expect a whole fresh pie to be better, but I’ll get back to you on that. As it stands, I’ll give pizza by the single slice at Frozen Dairy Bar and Boardwalk Pizza 4 out of 8 slices. The outer crust is pretty key to the entire experience after all.

Until next time, pass the Parmesan!

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3 Responses to “Frozen Dairy Bar and Boardwalk Pizza Falls Church”

  • leslie wrote:
    09 Jul 2009 at 11:55 am

    Words can not describe How I feel about this place. Like all of you I have been coming here for yogurt, birthday cakes and I love it. But last the visit I was there I order a large Pizza to go. They cashier charged me $20.00 and come out longer than expect and handed me 2 pizza boxes. He told me “since you order a large one we don't have the box for it so I put them into 2 boxes” Who doesn't know what a whole pizza look like? being a mother of two toddlers. I always check food before serving them to my kids. I said really can you open the boxes and put the slices together because I wanted to make sure what you said is truth with the look on his face and the crew in the back of the kitchen I can tell they are messing with my Pizza. He was reluctant to put them together so I told him let me do it if you don't want to. I opened the boxes at the counter in front of the guy and guess what half of the pizza is medium and the other half is large there is no way on earth any one would accept it. So I told the guy I want don't want it because I ordered a large pizza in one box and if you have problem making it just tell me instead of lying to me. The cashier have nothing to tell me at this point so he told me to talk to Nick “the owner” to get my money back. Nick come out from the back of the store and doesn't care to listen to what I have to say he told me “take it or leave it you already paid for it and I will not give you back the money. It' s pass 10 pm and we are closing soon. He pushed me out of the store and scream and told me to wait for the police to come because he had already push a button for them to come. Everyone in the store looked at me as if I have asked to robbed them.
    I am telling you guys, I would never done that to my worst enemies. Please if you don't know what a worst day of your life is like come to this place to experience it. That's not all Nick “the owner” also told me this ” I don't care what you say I have been in this business for more than 19 years I don't want to hear anything from you get out now!” Come on people sure everyone need food and good place to eat, but do you support this kind of business ethic from an owner who thinks we are animals and stuff left over and charged us for full price? I live 1 block from this shop and believe me I would do whatever it take to have this shop shut down if they don't give me back my money and publicly apologize for their behavior. Baskin Robins is right across the street much friendlier and staff are well train to deal with human.

  • stephiblow wrote:
    12 Sep 2009 at 9:00 pm

    get this, they don't deliver until after 4pm.. so much for our business.. no great loss, their food was overpriced junk to begin with.

  • stephiblow wrote:
    13 Sep 2009 at 4:00 am

    get this, they don't deliver until after 4pm.. so much for our business.. no great loss, their food was overpriced junk to begin with.