Valentine Pizza – Heart Shaped Pizza

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Valentine Pizza – Heart Shaped Pizza

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img_0479Last year this time, Tony who used to own Tony's Authentic Pizza made me this heart shaped pizza pie for Valentine's Day.  It wasn't for me in that kind of way perverts!  My wife and I requested this upside down regular pie.  It was delicious.

Anyways, do not hesitate to ask your local pizza place to make you a pizza shaped like this.  It isn't that hard for them, and should only take a few extra seconds of cutting.  Although it seems "cheesy" to give your loved one a pizza, many couples in this economic meltdown will need to look for clever ways to show they care.  Nothing like a hearth shaped pizza to do the trick!

Please send me in photos of the pizza you have if your local place was kind enough to make you a pie like this.  Also if you are a pizza place owner and want to advertise for free on the site that you are making special pies on Valentine's Day, please send in an email as well and I will be happy to help!

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