Gino’s Pizza Long Beach Best Pizza

7 / 8

ginos-grandmaginos-sicilianHere is my favorite pizza on all of Long Island!  Slices at Gino’s Pizza on 16 W Park Ave Long Beach, NY (516) 432-8193 are a different animal then the ones that come on a pie.  To get the full pleasure order it by the slice even if you will eat 8 slices yourself.  The Sicilian is very good as well.  They have a Grandma’s pizza that some people swear by but call me a purest.  I love the guy with the hair!  Anyone who is familiar with this place knows for over a decade who I mean.

The outside has turned into something that is more Atlantic City Casino the Pizzeria but I guess someone likes it.  The crispy delicious slices are as predictable and consistent as Larry Kings retainer checks to his divorce attorney.  When I moved out of NY for Florida this was my last meal as a New Yorker and It is a a must when ever I get to the Island.

Gino’s Pizza in Long Beach is a 7 1/2 slices, sorry pizzaexpert, I know you want no half slices but it is the best I can get to giving it an 8, cause I am still waiting to find that perfect place.  If you get a slice and it sucks, simply email me the unused portion for a full virtual refund.

Off Topic:  They use to make a potato and onion thing.  I was small cubes of potato and thinly chopped onion with Mozzarella cheese in a pizza dough.  It was log shaped and cut into slices.  I asked if they still made them and they told me not in over 8 years.  We called them potato pastys.  If anyone ever had them and knows anyone who makes a similar item please let me know.  That was a nice item.