Conca D’ Oro Pizza Sag Harbor

concadoro.jpgEven though Sag Harbor is not that big of a town, the walk seemed to take forever.  When did Long Island become as hot as Florida during the summer?  I guess Al Gore was right about that global warming thingamajig.  Anyways, as you can tell, this review is quite a bit delayed, since I ate there a few months ago and forgot to publish this review back then.

There seems to be two pizza places in the quaint town of Sag Harbor.  Conca D’ Oro was the first one we passed, so I walked right in to grab a slice.  Conca D’ Oro is nothing fancy inside, which I was a little surprised with, since Sag Harbor is known to have celebrities flock to the town during the season. Usually places would try to impress them with fine decor and clean tables.

My slice at Conca D’ Oro was pretty decent.  I found the crust to be excessively bland, and the chunky tomatoes by the edge of the crust didn’t help my experience either. Thankfully, they seemed to only apply the chunks to the edges, and not throughout the entire slice.  They are definitely using some nice tasting cheese on the pie here though.  When it comes to a place that really only has business for 3 months a year, and has managed to remain open for several years, it is hard to knock them.

If you want a slice while you are visiting there, you might want to stop in and have one here.  Not like you have too many other choices though.  My advice to Conca D’ Oro would be to smooth out their sauce and apply it evenly when making the pizza.  You will have plenty of time dring the winter to practice this.

Cona D’ Oro gets 4 out of 8 slices.

La Piazza Pizza Plainview NY

lapiazza.jpglapiazza.jpgUpon landing at JFK airport last month, I was picked up by a friend of a friend.  I asked this friend of a friend named Joe if he wouldn’t mind stopping to get some pizza with me, since I was starving.  Joe had no problem with it and asked me which place I wanted to eat.  Since I am not too familiar with the JFK surroundings I asked him for a choice.  He told me there was some phenomenal pizza at a place by their office in Plainview, Long Island that I should try called La Piazza.


Bellini’s Pizza – My Opinion on the Coal Fired Pizza in Fort Lauderdale

bellinipizza.jpgA few weeks ago I noticed a new sign had been put up blocks away from my humble apartment, Bellini’s Coal Fired Pizza. Naturally, the first thing that came to mind was, “I better tell Lapp immediately.” Despite his busy schedule of pissing people off, we managed to schedule a dinner there for the same week. Imagine my excitement, another possibly delicious pizza option close by. Score. I waited for our night to come with baited breath.


Pizza Plus in San Clemente, CA

pizzaplus.pngAlthough I usually have a place in mind, when I roll into a town, sometimes I like to play pizza roulette, and take my chances on any one of a dozen goofy factors, i.e. largest yellow pages ad,  3rd pizzeria on the left, and like that.   This stems from adventures some buddies and I used to have back in the day, when we would take a deck of cards to the airport on a Friday nite, draw two cards, and subsequently go have an adventure (for example) at the destination of the 4th flight leaving from the 3rd counter.  Ah, those were the days.  The places I have (wished i hadn’t!) seen!  LOL.