Sicilian Pizza From Dalli’s in Lake Mary FL

1 / 8

I had a strange craving for Sicilian Pizza. It may have had something to do with some of the other reviews here on this website that seem to involve Sicilian pizzas quite often. Normally I don’t like Sicilian pizza all that much, and it seems I’m almost always disappointed with Sicilian Pies whenever I get them. It had been years since I ate a Sicilian pizza, and I don’t think I’ve ever eaten one in Florida (as I was looking through my pizza menus of local restaurants, it seemed most local places near me don’t even make Sicilian). To prove to myself that I still don’t like Sicilian pizza, I ordered a pie from Dalli’s Pizza in Lake Mary, FL.

I picked up the half cheese/half meatball pizza and took it home. I ate the cheese slices, and they weren’t so bad. Personally, I would take a traditional slice of pizza from Dalli’s over a Sicilian slice, but it was still acceptable. I think my problem with Sicilian pizzas is that there is too much of everything. There is way too much of the chewy crust, and because of all of the crust, there’s more sauce and cheese than you get on a normal pizza. It all seems like a bit of overkill in my opinion, and I’d much rather have a traditional New York style thin slice of pizza where there isn’t huge amounts of all of the pizza components.  One last observation that I had was that while regular pizza tastes good cold out of the refrigerator the next day, Sicilian pizza tastes horrible like this. I couldn’t eat the leftovers cold and had to heat them up.

Sicilian pizza was better than I remembered, but I think I’ll stick with traditional pizza until I get another Sicilian craving, whenever that will be.

Dalli’s Pizza gets 4 out of 8 Slices

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